Ad Ops



  • Front cover packages: Premium position – front cover image, 3-4 page editorial feature plus a full page advert and shared via the website.
  • Front over strip package: Strip advert at the bottom of the front cover and a full page ad within the publication. Works well as part of a series deal over a long period of time reinforcing brand awareness.
  • Inside front cover: Most effective as a DPS, reccomended as a 6-12 month series.
  • Full & half page adverts:Typically form part of a larger cross media package, ideal for developing brand awareness within the
    market place.
  • Outside back cover: Full page Advertisement – possibility of including editorial content as part of the package.
  • Gatefolds: Fold-out high impact cover position.
  • Belly bands: Strip that binds around the magazine, placed on top of the cover to highlight a brand/ product/ message or promotion.
  • Native advertising: Unique opportunity to showcase your brand, product or service with relevant editorial anchored against advertising.
  • Inserts: Impactful and versatile: Brochures, leafl ets or similar material that can be inserted into the magazine. Works particularly well for show issues where for example we can insert into the show issues only. Various options available. Please talk to us.
  • Carrier sheets: Advertisement placed on the carrier sheet that goes into the polybag with distributed magazine.
  • Reprints: The opportunity to purchase reprints of a placed feature in either a pdf or printed format.


  • Banner campaigns: Leaderboard, skyscraper and MPU positions, driving additional traffi c to the brand. We can change the creative content on a periodic basis if required.
  • Solus E-shots: Html e-shot to our database, content is decided purely by the client. A good option for promoting case studies or
    generating registrations for an event.
  • Newsletter sponsorship: Banner at the top of our editorially led newsletter. It’s more of a branding solution than the solus e-shot. The key benefi t to the customer is they are associated with our editorial integrity and independence.
  • Homepage takeover: Takeover of Editorial boxes, Banner spaces & video for a set period of time. Typically this type of campaign would run for a minimum of 1 week.
  • Video content: Upload video content to the website. This can be training video content, product demos, videoed interview content.
    Ideally forming part of a larger package.
  • Online directory: Runs online for a year. Linking to relevant content based on categories selected by the customer.


  • International Networking Events: Opportunity to enhance branding at a show via an independent platform. Offers significant networking opportunities and the opportunity to distribute promotional leafl ets to attendees with a direct message. Co-branded marketing helps elevate their brand exposure via our print and digital platforms.
  • Awards show sponsorship: entirety or a category. This would include co-branded collateral and the opportunity to either present an award or speak during the course of the awards ceremony.
  • Magazine sponsorship: This can either be a specific vertical or regular features within the magazine. Sponsorship entitles you to a logo or strip advert in that section plus a full page advert. This reinforces awareness of your brand within a specifi ed sector of the industry.
  • End of year awards supplement: Round up all of the industry developments over the course of the year that you can sponsor as a customer.


To learn more about our advertising opportunities, contact Duncan Armstrong on 01622 823920 or email