The Return to Vinyl

Showhome Editor Joseph Clarke explores the characteristics and benefits of vinyl flooring that have led to its recent comeback as a number one choice for housebuilders 

Once dismissed as cheap and flimsy, vinyl flooring is experiencing a remarkable resurgence and 2024 is poised to be the year it goes luxury. Technological advancements have transformed this versatile flooring option, making it renowned for its high design and durability. Previously, vinyl was considered a budget-friendly choice relegated to less visible areas of the home, but now it is becoming a centrepiece of modern interior design. The aesthetic evolution of vinyl flooring, coupled with its enhanced performance characteristics, has led to a renewed interest from homeowners, designers, and builders alike. 

Recently, PuRe PR group spoke with global flooring experts, Parador, to dispel some myths surrounding this increasingly popular flooring choice, while also revealing that, according to Google Trends, searches for ‘vinyl flooring offcuts’ have surged by 160% and ‘how to fit vinyl flooring’ by 100%.  

“There are many misconceptions about vinyl flooring, notably that it is cheap looking and not hardwearing. Although this may have been the case many years ago, vinyl has severely increased in its design prowess and technological capabilities. Not only is it a great choice for design enthusiasts, but it also ticks all the boxes for resilience and technological performance. Many also believe that vinyl is complicated to lay; however, these prejudices are mostly based on experiences with the vinyl of the ‘old’ generation – vinyl as a cheap sheet material for gluing down,” explains Neel Bradham, CEO of Parador, the global flooring brand since 1977. 

Bradham continues, “As a modern and innovative material, vinyl flooring is a genuine all-rounder that beautifully merges functionality with style. With vinyl flooring, specifically SPC-vinyl flooring, the authentic reproduction of near-natural materials succeeds in astonishing perfection. Effortlessly blending form with function, vinyl is available in a versatile selection of designs, colours, and formats to suit all styles. Utterly resilient and low maintenance, vinyl flooring provides 100% waterproofness, making it an excellent choice for damp rooms such as bathrooms. Vinyl also pairs wonderfully with underfloor heating and is suitable for large rooms, conservatories, and in front of floor-to-ceiling windows.” 

Another company recognising the growing demand for vinyl and luxury vinyl flooring is Multipanel. In response to this trend, they have recently expanded their product line with three new luxury vinyl products. These additions are designed to meet the increasing consumer appetite for high-quality, stylish, and practical flooring solutions. 

Michael Dobson, Sales Director at Multipanel, highlights the reasons behind this growing demand: “Demand for LVT in the UK has more than doubled over the last decade, with the resilient surface and ease of installation, combined with being warmer and quieter underfoot than ceramic tiles, laminate, or wood, being key drivers of this growth.” 

Multipanel’s new luxury vinyl products are engineered to offer the best of both worlds: aesthetic appeal and practical benefits. The luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) provide a durable and versatile flooring solution that can withstand heavy foot traffic and resist wear and tear, making them ideal for both residential and commercial spaces. Additionally, the installation process for LVT is straightforward and user-friendly, allowing homeowners to achieve professional results without the need for extensive DIY skills or professional installers. 

Furthermore, these new products cater to the growing desire for comfort and functionality. The warmer, softer underfoot feel of vinyl flooring compared to traditional hard flooring options like ceramic tiles or wood enhances comfort in living spaces. This characteristic, coupled with the material’s soundproofing qualities, makes vinyl flooring an excellent choice for busy households where noise reduction is a priority. 

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