Beneath the sheets – how to keep pillows at their freshest

Beneath the sheets – how to keep pillows at their freshest

Fresh bedding is always a glorious thing, yet many people are unaware that dirt goes deeper than pillowcases and sheets. Cleaning pillows in particular can often be overlooked, so Pam Johnson, Head of Buying at Bensons for Beds, offers her advice on how often you should be cleaning them.

“Whilst you should wash your pillowcases and bed sheets every fortnight, at least, you can get away with washing your pillows at longer intervals.

“You should check the care labels on your pillows, as different materials will require different cleaning methods. As a general rule of thumb however, pillows should be washed every three to six months – as bacteria and debris build up can cause anything from asthma and rhinitis to itchy eyes.”

Sealy ‘Loves To Be Washed’ Pillow, £35.99  

Bensons for Beds Sealy ‘Loved To Be Washed’ Pillows are filled with soft, pliable and resilient cluster ball fibres, and can be washed time and time again without losing their shape and quality.

The Sealy Pillow is enclosed in a quilted luxury soft touch microfibre cover, which naturally responds to your body temperature. It is also hypo-allergenic, so you can be rest assured you’ll achieve a fresh and comfortable night’s sleep.

iGel Perfect Partner Pillow Protectors, £29.99

Exclusive to Bensons for Beds’ iGel range, Perfect Partner Pillow Protectors use special phase change crystals to react to your body’s temperature and absorb excess heat – keeping you at the ideal temperature so you can sleep soundly throughout the night.

These silky to touch pillow protectors come complete with a waterproof backing to help protect against spills. They are machine washable so you can achieve the feeling of brand-new pillows with each and every wash.

Sealy ‘Loves To Be Washed’ Pillow and iGel Perfect Partner Pillow Protectors are available from and selected Bensons for Beds stores.

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