Gardens are blossoming thanks to Encore

Gardens are blossoming thanks to Encore

Garden landscaping at new residential developments is becoming increasingly sophisticated, and property management company Encore is taking the lead in ensuring that its staff are skilled enough to maintain and care for them to the standards both developers and residents expect.

Encore is well known for employing multi-skilled caretakers and concierges at the developments it manages, but the increasing need for advanced gardening skills has led to the launch of a new Garden Maintenance course as part of the company’s in-house training programme.

Joaquim Fillola, Managing Director of Encore Estate Management, explains: “Property developers know that first impressions are vital to their sales, so by creating increasingly sophisticated communal gardens and open spaces their developments stand out to buyers. But more specialist and maintenance-heavy planting requires a higher level of gardening skill to keep them looking beautiful into the future.”

Managing the delicate maintenance of wildlife ponds and eco-friendly sustainable drainage systems, as well as specialist garden plants, natural screening and fruit-bearing hedges to attract birds, means caretakers and concierge need green fingers, as well as the multitude of other skills required to maintain a modern residential development.

“Finding individuals with impeccable customer service, practical property maintenance skills, cleaning knowledge and expert horticultural abilities isn’t easy,” says Joaquim. “Encore training is making sure our staff stay ahead of the game on every aspect of managing a development.”

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