Award winning radiators from VASCO

Award winning radiators from VASCO

Heating systems do more than just warm a building; radiators can be a creative statement in their own right. The design of radiators and how they blend with the overall design of the building will ensure that the heating system will not be at odds with the interior.

A Vasco designer radiator has no superfluous details and combines efficiency and functionality into a natural design.  The same design can work well throughout a property for continuity, installed vertically and horizontally for different spaces and with towel bars added for bathrooms and kitchens.

Bathrooms are being viewed more as an area of calm and tranquillity, with clean lines and uncluttered spaces, in small homes and apartments the lack of storage can be an issue.

Inspired by VASCO’s successful Niva radiator the new designer Niva Bath stands further away from the wall, creating more space behind the radiator for additional functionality such as shelves for towels and a clothes hanging rail.

Combine this with its energy saving credentials; it uses only 4 litres of water to provide a rapid and powerful heating source and this stylish and practical radiator ticks every box.

Different designs, colours and finishes can be chosen to suit the style of each room.  Colour is very important to interior design as it can be used to define the style of the room and radiators can be used to either emphasise the colour by contrasting directly or blend in with it.

Current interiors are creative and individual; having a house that shows a unique personality is highly desirable and using colour is a way to show personal style.

VASCO offers 55 different colour finishes for their radiators, both steel and aluminium.

Colour and design are not the only factors to take into account; energy efficiency and in some instances ecology are equally important. Aluminium radiators offer high level efficiency, low level running costs and swift heat production.

VASCO were the first manufacturer to produce 100% sustainable designer radiators, producing raw aluminium is expensive and damaging to the environment,  VASCO’s radiators, Bryce, Beams and ONI are all manufactured from 100% recycled aluminium and guarantee optimum recycling without the loss of quality.

VASCO radiators will be on display at 100% Design Stand No: K620.

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