Speeding up stone for builders across the nation

Speeding up stone for builders across the nation

In order to make life easier for builders, Chatsworth Stone Masonry have found a way to ensure that house builders have a much more efficient method of procuring stone…

Chatsworth Stone Masonry of Keighley have recently taken the initiative to provide house builders with a faster and easier way to procure Semi Dry Cast Stone with the introduction of a special range of stone products that can arrive on site much faster than the typical four to six weeks (or much longer in certain instances) generally taken for orders from traditional stone manufacturers.

The Chatsworth Stone-Ex-Stock range is a new range of popular stone building products that can be on site in only a matter of days, rather than weeks.

The range comprises of Cills, Heads and Copings in a range of dimensional choices, in the standard Buff colour. Dry Cast stone is manufactured in compliance with BS1217:2008 (Cast Stone Specification) and at a density of 2100 kgs/per square metre.

As Chatsworth Stone Masonry’s Managing Director, Richard Kirk comments, “On the commencement of new sites show home requirements tend to be needed quickly. Our ‘Stone Ex Stock’ product range affords our customers the comfort of knowing that fully cured products are available at short notice.

“In addition, replacement items are readily obtainable to ensure that build programmes can continue with the minimum of delay.”

The initial range of components has been developed based upon the company’s best-selling products in Buff (Ref 06); however, Richard and his team are keen to engage further with their customers to expand the ‘Stone ex Stock’ range further to meet their needs.

With well over a hundred years of combined experience within the main management team, the business undertook extensive research into the housebuilding sector to evaluate where the potential improvements to services and products could be made.

Stone Ex Stock is a response to the need for modern sites to have product there faster. This accelerates the build process and stops the necessity for delays due to waiting on long manufacturing lead times.

Richard further comments, “It’s always been our intention to be an innovator in the stone masonry market, and Stone Ex Stock is just one of the ways we’re solving problems for our customers and making the process of procuring our stone, for many standard housebuilding applications smoother and more intuitive for buyers.

“Aside from this, we have also made significant investment in plant, warehousing and machinery to facilitate our recent growth. We’re very proud of the progress we’re making and are sure that this initiative will be very welcome across the housebuilding industry.”

Chatsworth Stone Masonry are already suppliers to many of the leading building contractors, brickwork sub-contractors and major UK housebuilders, so they have an excellent pedigree to be able to launch the new Stone Ex Stock range, as a natural extension to their existing range of services.

The business has also ventured into online selling of fireplaces and stoves via their own ecommerce shop, Chatsworth Stoves and Surrounds.

Richard and his team can be contacted for any further information on their Stone Ex Stock service, the website is www.chatsworthstone.co.uk.

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