The Darwin toilet by Easy Bathrooms: A smart product to offer

The Darwin toilet by Easy Bathrooms: A smart product to offer

The Darwin toilet by Easy Bathrooms is the company’s latest product and it is one that is set to wow prospective house buyers

It’s nothing short of an understatement to say that technology is increasingly becoming an integral part of building houses.

57% of British people now have at least one smart product in their home, and consumers are demanding more connectivity than ever before, from smart appliances, to heating, electric car-charging points and video-operated doorbells.

The housebuilders who plan these products into the construction of properties and provide customers with technological choices throughout their buying experience, will surely offer a distinctive approach.

One product which home builders can offer, is the smart toilet.

Designed to bring convenience, safety and cleanliness to bathrooms, smart toilets are on the rise, with manufacturers offering a wide range of solutions, from seats that you attach to a toilet, to fully-comprehensive cisterns.

Rob Holroyd, contracts manager at Easy Bathrooms, believes that the smart toilet will become a popular choice within new build homes, particularly where accessibility is a consideration.

“We launched our smart toilet, the Darwin, recently, and we’ve had really positive feedback from housebuilders. It means they are able to offer a completely accessible bathroom experience to elderly or disabled customers, who are often willing and able to pay a premium for safety features. It has been really popular within apartment schemes aimed at older generations.”

The Darwin toilethas a number of features, including:

Presets and controls

The toilet is controlled by a removable, wall-hung remote control and a dial on the side of the unit. Users are able to set two presets to personalise the experience each time.

Front and rear cleaning bidet

The bidet nozzle is entirely customisable, allowing the user to adjust the position of the spray and the flow/temperature of the water. It offers a rear wash, as well as a female wash option. The spray is oscillating and pulsating to provide a massaging experience.

Drying experience

The user is also able to indicate whether an air dry is required, eliminating the use of toilet paper entirely. The warm air is adjustable, with five temperatures available.

Odour extraction

Sensing when the seat is occupied, the toilet extracts any odours, leaving a fresh-smelling room for the next user.

Effortless cleaning

The toilet itself is rimless, meaning that bacteria cannot build up underneath the rim. Instead of flush water entering the bowl from under the rim, it sprays from the rear of the toilet with a vortex power flush. The seat is also antibacterial, providing peace of mind that the toilet will be almost germ-free. The seat is also soft-closing.

The flush also works from a sensor.

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