Launch of new website brings elegant Indian furniture direct to homes

Launch of new website brings elegant Indian furniture direct to homes

Homeowners looking to bring some Indian elegance and vibrant patterns to their abode can now access exquisite pieces of furniture inlaid with bone direct from designers and craftsman in India with the launch of a new website.

Prime Inlay Furnitures has now opened its online shop with a huge range of furniture that wouldn’t look out of place in a museum but looks equally good at home in a typical living room or bedroom. From grand chests that are perfect for storing clothing and other items in your bedroom to beautifully framed mirrors ideal for bathrooms and living rooms, customers will be able to find pieces that are suitable for their home.

[Kumud Ranjan], [CEO] of Prime Inlay Furnitures, said, “We’re pleased to be able to launch our online store and let a whole new audience view and purchase our striking and ornate pieces of furniture to display in their home. We work with partners and skilled craftsmen all around the world to source the highest quality items with a fashionable twist to deliver our customers pieces that will look stunning from every angle and in any setting. We also pride ourselves on our excellent offer of free shipping with every purchase.”

Prime Inlay Furnitures sells stunning pieces that use a decorative technique known as inlay to insert pieces of contrasting material into depressions to form patterns. Many of the items available on the website use this method to create intricate and visually beautiful design that can add some eye catching style to any room.

Through the online store customers can browse a range of bedside drawers, mirrors, chests, stools, dressing tables and trays to find items that will fit perfectly into their home décor. For truly one-off and charming pieces, customers can order bespoke pieces of furniture from Prime Inlay Furnitures, allowing them to create their vision of a show stopping design and turn it into a reality.

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