Gazco announces Eclipse 100

Gazco’s latest high-efficiency gas fire combines a beautiful design with cutting-edge technology

Your new build is a blank canvas, a canvas that can be brought to life by the simple addition of a warming fire. Choosing your perfect appliance, however, is no mean feat. Alongside the significant factor of style, there are many points to contemplate – efficiency, ease of use and economy are all major considerations for the discerning home owner. With a variety of fuel types, flues and styles available, finding the best fire for your home can seem unachievable.

Enter the Gazco Eclipse 100. This contemporary gas fire combines state-of-the art features, beautiful design and cutting-edge technology to create a fire fit to grace any home. In the past, gas fires have had a reputation for being inefficient and expensive, with much of the heat being lost. However, modern glass-fronted gas fires frequently have efficiencies of over 80%, and the Eclipse 100 is no different, with an incredible 85% efficiency. This high efficiency helps make the Eclipse 100 an economical choice, particularly as gas costs less per kWh than heating oil, electricity, and, in many cases, wood.
Installing an Eclipse 100 into your build could not be easier; as the Eclipse is a balanced flue model you do not need a chimney. A balanced flue completely seals the appliance from the room in which it is installed, meaning no draughts and increased heating efficiency. However, if you have a conventional flue in your home, a renovation kit is available to allow you to install and enjoy the Eclipse.
In order to find out the size of appliance you need, you should measure your room. As a rough guide, you should need 1kW heat output for every 14 cubic metres of space to achieve a room temperature of 21 degrees. With an impressive heat output of up to 9.35kW, the Eclipse 100 is able to heat larger living spaces with ease.
Yet this incredible heat output is easily altered to meet your needs. The Eclipse 100 incorporates an advanced dual-burner system, allowing you to choose between the use of one or two burners to create your perfect ambiance. Operated using a Programmable Thermostatic Remote which controls everything from ignition to extinguish, the Eclipse 100 can even be set to allow the fire to maintain a specific room temperature, or programmed to turn on at specific times, making for a fantastic warm welcome home.
All of this innovative technology does not result in a compromise on style however. The Eclipse 100 is offered with three sophisticated frame designs, as well as a frameless Edge model that creates a breathtaking hole-in-the-wall focal point for your room. Two of the frames, the Expression and the Verve XS are offered in four different colour finishes, whilst the Icon XS frame provides a sleek, black glass surface to make a stunning style statement.
Inside, the Eclipse 100 has a choice of two luxury linings, classic Black Reeded or a lighter, natural Ledgestone effect. These linings are the perfect complement to the Eclipse’s realistic, hand-painted log effect fuel bed complete with glowing embers.
A contemporary gas fire can be the ideal appliance for modern lifestyles as they are easy to use and highly efficient. The Eclipse 100 is a British designed, engineered and manufactured gas fire that has the designer features necessary to form a stunning centrepiece in your home.
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