Gerflor’s new Housing Collection has flooring needs covered

Gerflor’s new Housing Collection has flooring needs covered

From affordable to high-end, with unique benefits and different price points, Gerflor’s new Housing Collection of innovative, vinyl flooring pushes the technical and aesthetical boundaries to provide fresh solutions for housing projects.

Comprising all types of residential vinyl flooring, the Housing Collection includes design-led, traditionally-bonded luxury vinyl tile and plank ranges and revolutionary, loose-lay floorings that are designed to turn houses into homes.

A core part of this new collection is Gerflor’s high performance, textile-backed and advanced click system floorings that combine fast, cost-effective installation with the benefits of top quality vinyl.

These loose-lay floorings are the straightforward and glue-less way of fitting residential flooring. In particular, Gerflor Fibre Technology (GFT) floorings, which include a patented, built-in, multi-benefit, textile backing system, not only save time and money by eliminating adhesive, accelerating installation times and lowering ‘on-floor’ costs by up to 30% compared with standard vinyl, but also reduce call-backs for remedial work by typically 75%.Primetex TimberMedium

However, as design is a fundamental element of Gerflor flooring, the new Housing Collection showcases the global vinyl flooring manufacturer’s expertise in the study of international design influences and key trends related to the world of fashion, interior design, architecture and surface finishes. With designs that also draw inspiration from natural materials such as wood, stone, marble and concrete, there are floorings to suit all tastes and decorative styles.

In addition, Gerflor’s Housing Collection includes floorings with advanced thermal and acoustic properties, integral waterproofing and slip resistant, easy maintenance surface finishes, plus up to 15 year product guarantees.

This outstanding product offering is backed by a UK operation with a dedicated housing team and strategically located distribution centres. Free trial areas are also available on request.

Gerflor’s environmentally-sustainable products are 100% recyclable and widely specified within housing applications. They are manufactured at Gerflor’s ISO 14001 certified production sites.

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