Breathe easier and prevent colds

Thanks to new hybrid home product

The UK’s leading supplier of domestic dehumidifiers has launched one of the most advanced hybrid dehumidifiers currently available in Europe. London-based EcoAir has used special technology to develop the Hybrid DC202 which combines outstanding humidity control with air purification. EcoAir has been working on the technology for its hybrid dehumidifier for over two years to ensure it meets with its customer research which revealed that air humidity and purity were the two leading priorities for homeowners when considering health and well-being within the home environment.

The Hybrid DC202 is a modern, compact machine that is also energy-efficient thanks to its micro-computer and hi-tech humidity sensor. The Hybrid efficiently controls impurities, house mites, pollen and odour to help prevent colds, flu and viruses and to alleviate the symptoms of allergies and breathing-related illnesses.

The new machine benefits from a five-stage purification system combining anti-allergy,  deodoriser, charcoal, an electronic ioniser and a silver nano-filter all of which work together to eradicate dust, pollen, bacteria and bad smells. The Hybrid also has its own fragrance box to allow users to add essential oils to fragrance a room.

EcoAir is the UK’s only retailer of this new hybrid dehumidifier which, the company hopes, will follow in the success of their best-selling range of environmentally-friendly and super-efficient domestic dehumidifiers which were a sell-out amongst home-owners and car, caravan and boat enthusiasts when they first went on sale in 2007.

EcoAir’s dehumidifiers are small and cost-effective ways to prevent damp and damage to the home, help with allergies and control energy bills, while the air purifier can remove almost all airborne contamination including smoke and common viruses to make the environment clean and clear.

Like all of the EcoAir’s dehumidifiers, the Hybrid DC202 is quiet, easy-to-use, light, compact, slim-line and stylish and is therefore ideal for use in the home.

Sally Fok, marketing director at EcoAir, said: “We’ve carried out our own research to see what our customers really want and need- clean air that’s free from damp, allergens and airborne viruses. Put simply, people put their health first and look at how they can make their environment healthier. The stringent testing and the advanced technology that we’ve used to develop the Hybrid are sure to make it the benchmark in the industry. 

“The Hybrid pushes the boundaries in air quality to really enhance and improve well-being and we’ve found that there is now a huge demand for dehumidifiers all year round because of the unpredictable British weather. Combining this with an air purifier offers a cost-effective product that really works.”

Prices start from £209

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