KitchenAid KOMC 9610

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KOMC 9610




Key features:

Key features of the KitchenAid KOMC 9610 Double Oven: • Built-in double oven with ‘A’ energy rated performance • Electronic control throughout with text assisted blue LCD display matching KitchenAId’s appliance range • 16 professional cooking functions with Multi-Flow technology for constant and homogeneous temperature inside the main oven • Five expert roasting functions for roast veal/pork, roast beef, chicken, turkey and lamb • Six specialised bakery functions for malt bread, traditional bread, pan pizza, thin pizza, focaccia and bread sticks • Five professional pastry functions for fruit pies, croissant, shortbread, choux pastry and short pastry • Ten special functions for slow cooking of meat, slow cooking of fish, rising, correct preservation of yoghurt and dehydration of fruit, vegetables and mushrooms • Meat probe for precise roasting results – avoids over- and under-cooking guaranteeing consistent perfection • Traditional cooking functions include Static, Rapid Pre-Heat, Forced Air and dual variable grill • Defrost and Keep Warm functions • Main oven capacity of 52 litres with 35 litre top oven with telescopic shelves • Fully sealed, triple glazed cool doors and child lock for safety • Styled in KitchenAId’s EasyClean stainless steel incorporating nanotechnology that creates a durable film for an anti-corrosive, scratch resistant and fingerprint-proof finish, keeping it looking like new • Dimensions H x W x D: 885 x 595 x 560 mm

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everything the keen cook and serious chef will need into its sophisticated built-in double oven, KOMC 9610

Premium manufacturer KitchenAid has incorporated everything the keen cook and serious chef will need into its sophisticated built-in double oven, KOMC 9610. Renowned for making professional standard appliances of the highest quality and technology this cooking centre is a highly stylish unit.

The KitchenAid KOMC 9610 double oven offers three ovens in one with perfectly pre-calibrated cooking parameters for baking, roasting and cake baking, as well as a range of traditional functions, and a grill in each cavity. The wealth of impressive features includes five professional roasting functions, five professional pastry functions and six professional bakery functions for recipes that call for a high degree of precision and control.

There is a capacious 52 litres of space in the main oven and a further 35 litres in the smaller top oven, with performance enhanced by the special Multi-Flow technology in the main oven. This ensures a constant and homogeneous temperature inside the oven. As in professional ovens, cooking is therefore perfectly uniform.

Caroline Guillermard, Product Marketing Manager, Premium, for KitchenAid, says: “The KitchenAid KOMC 9610 is an advanced double oven and a serious and professional proposition which offers a hugely varied cooking experience for cooks and chefs of all levels. All kinds of dishes can be cooked to perfection with its specialised and expert cooking systems, and it is a genuine luxury appliance which typifies KitchenAid’s professional and dedicated approach.”

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