Sales of large load washing machines are giving a welcome boost to the home laundry market as they enable hard pressed consumers to reduce their number of washing loads per week and save on running costs.

The new Whirlpool WWDC 9400 freestanding washing machine is tailor-made for modern lifestyle requirements with its outstanding ‘A+++’ energy rating and a capacious 9kg drum. Featuring the company’s patented 6th Sense® technology to save water, energy and time whilst ensuring perfect results, this sophisticated machine offers a host of features and programmes designed to make life easier.

There are selling points aplenty for the enterprising retailer as latest market research reveals that consumers are now seeing the greater long term value of investing in a quality machine rather than a ‘quick fix’ model with a shorter lifespan.

The powerful WWDC 9400 offers 14 washing programmes and a top spin speed of 1400rpm for the cottons programme. Everything about the machine ensures speed, convenience and excellent fabric care without the trade-off of an eye-watering electricity bill.

The machine’s 6th Sense® Colours technology is both clever and caring, designed to preserve garments and their colours by way of a set of three colour programmes – one for white, one for mixed and one for darker fabrics. The WWDC 9400 automatically detects the load size and adapts the wash cycle to save up to 50 per cent in time, water and energy usage when compared to a conventional washer.

Dalia Haddad, Product Marketing Manager for Whirlpool says: “Around two thirds of washing machine market value is now generated by 7kg capacity models and above, with 8, 9 and 10kg models becoming increasingly popular. Capacity is now generally regarded as a key feature by consumers, and the beauty for the retailer is that this feature is both tangible and demonstrable. The 9kg capacity of Whirlpool’s WWDC 9400 is an impressive sight up close as one big wash per week becomes the realistic aim of many consumers. The savings made in water and energy over the course of time are greatly significant and a great selling point.”

Key features and benefits of the Whirlpool WWDC 9400 Washing Machine:

• Freestanding model with outstanding ‘A+++’ energy rating
• Large 9kg drum capacity for fewer wash loads, and less expenditure on water and electricity
• Featuring Whirlpool’s patented 6th Sense® technology saving up to 50 per cent water, energy and time compared to a washing machine without 6th Sense®
• 6th Sense® Colours technology preserves garments and their colours by way of a set of three colour programmes – one for white, one for mixed and one for darker fabrics. Powerful top spin speed of 1400rpm on the cottons programme to reduce drying times
• 14 wash programmes include : Aqua Eco wash using just 19 litres of water; White Colour Wash; Mixed Colours Wash; Dark Colours Wash; Cotton; Delicates; Eco Cotton; Hand wash wool; Jeans/Baby; Mixed Magic; Rinse and Spin; Speed Wash for 3kg in 15 minutes; Spin; Synthetics
• Special and additional options include pre-wash; variable temperature selection; intensive rinse; variable spin speed, and rinse and hold
• Finished in white
• Dimensions: H85.0 x 59.5 x 56.5 cm
For more information on the Whirlpool WWDC 9400 washing machine and other appliances in the range contact your Account Manager or call Whirlpool UK on 0208 649 5000.

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