Ask the expert: Vogue

Ask the expert: Vogue

Vogue adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom…

Showhome’s Lauren Barnett speaks to Steve Birch, Sales Director at Vogue (UK) about how they manage to stay top of the game in the towel rail market.

Introduce us to Vogue (UK) and how the company has grown over the years… 

Vogue (UK), now in its 26th year is able to proclaim a momentous quadranscentennial, remaining the largest British towel warmer and design radiator manufacturer in the UK. Offering the most comprehensive range of contemporary and traditional heating solutions, Vogue (UK) from its head quarters in the West Midlands continue to redefine the luxury heating and interiors market.

What are the current trends in towel warmers/radiators and accessories? 

Many consumers are choosing to incorporate a design radiator or towel warmer into a bathroom nowadays to achieve a highly luxurious, spa-like feel reminiscent of any luxury hotel or resort.Not only do such products warm and dry towels, they also result in a stylish focal point that can add interest to an interior or be the sole inspiration behind an entire scheme.

The style of towel warmer that’s selected depends on the décor of the room as much as the room in which it will be placed. For example, in a traditionally styled bathroom, products which incorporate more traditional features into the design such as ball joints and antique finishes are popular whereas, when it comes to contemporary styled spaces, people tend to select sleek, chrome or stainless steel designs that will help to create a minimalist aesthetic.

What is unique about towel warmers/radiator that your company produces?

100% British-made, quality raw materials are fundamental at Vogue (UK), with different options influencing the performance and overall design of our radiators. What sets us apart is our ability to produce the look and feel of stainless steel without the added expenditure thanks to our highly innovative and quality mild steel option: a must for all other towel rails and designer radiators where a superb finish and longevity is required.

Literally halving the price of some of our luxury designs, Mild Steel has become a front runner in terms of material and we will continue to champion this unsung hero to encourage widespread appeal and highly innovative heating solutions.

How is new technology having an impact on your products? 

The last 25 years has seen technological advancements meet the needs of the ‘next generation’, giving greater user control, heat output and are tailored to individual preferences. Features such as concealed valves, adjustable fixings or built-in thermostatic controls for practical placement and maximum user convenience, continue to gain momentum in the heating market and make perfect sense in the bathroom. Other highly original concepts, like our innovative dished blanking plug are also considered ‘new’ in the marketplace. This small but highly dynamic feature allows the homeowner to very simply add fragrance in the bathroom via a towel warmer: ingenious! The vast choice of fragrances available makes it possible to bring the luxury of a spa in to the domestic home for the height of luxury and fragrance.

What makes Vogue (UK) products stand apart from your competitors?

A premium finish to radiators or towel rails will allow you to move away from the standard white options long associated with the home. Metallic finishes such as brushed or polished chrome or stainless steel, nickel and gold are hugely popular, as well as antique bronze, copper and brass finishes. Many models can even come with a textured or even a sculptured finish.

With such tailored requirements, having the ability to satisfy these means we have seen a notable shift towards custom design: and high levels of customer satisfaction. By manufacturing in-house, it enables us at Vogue (UK) to constantly explore new techniques and experiment with different materials and finishes. Heating specialists that manufacture in the UK and offer a bespoke design service allows each element of the radiator or towel warmer to be designed according to the customer’s exact requirements. As such, we become the port of call for consumers who want to create a design that will really make a statement and set their interior scheme apart from the rest.

How do you ensure that you meet the specific needs of each and every customer? 

As a premium manufacturer we must ensure our retailers are able to effectively engage the customer. Once captive, it is your one chance to guide the customer through the process with expert product recommendation, demonstration and potential upsell. We offer dedicated training to all of our retailers and this can also involve a visit to the factory seeing our products being manufactured first hand.

Our opening enquiry may be for a bathroom suite, yet from consultation, clever lifestyle displays and a full understanding of our customers needs, there is potential to add-on a practical towel warmer, radiator or other finishing touch previously overlooked. It is these accessories that can turn a standard idea into a genuine lifestyle that customers can envisage for themselves. The modern homeowner wants to be able visualise the whole room, not just the stock items. We find this is the best endorsement for our portfolio and brand, showing a true belief in the quality product on offer and we hope, being sold.

What does the future have in-store for Vogue (UK) towel warmers/radiators and accessories? 

Our continual development and passion to push the boundaries of heating design has resulted in great success for the company. With products that have been designed and manufactured in Britain, customers can enjoy greater control, as well as better communication with the brand at both the design and supply stages.

The market is investing more in terms of product technology and performance, which has brought new and exciting hi-tech designs to the UK heating market for both kitchen and bathroom. This has seen customers move towards more stylish heating solutions that incorporate different tactile design and advanced performance.

Rather than purchasing a mass-produced product that can be found in any residential property, British design and manufacture celebrates products that have been created by highly skilled, specialist craftsmen and furthermore, tailored according to customer requirement and individual tastes. With such tailored requirements, having the ability to satisfy these means we have seen a notable shift towards custom design: and high levels of customer satisfaction. By manufacturing in-house, it enables us at Vogue (UK) to constantly explore new techniques and experiment with different materials and finishes.

Consumers place trust in companies that manufacture in Britain. Not only are they confident that the products being purchased meet the highest standards of quality, but delivery times are often reduced too. Furthermore, should there be any issues with an order, it is easier to trace how far along the manufacturing line the product is and when it is being distributed.

Vogue (UK) – – 01902 387 000

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