Swim training systems are latest fitness craze for residential swimming pool installations

Swim training systems are latest fitness craze for residential swimming pool installations

The residential swimming pool industry experiences trends in response to technological advances and celebrity endorsements, just like any other sector. Right now, home owners are seeking out powerful swim training systems in order to gain maximum exercise benefits from their home pool and spa complexes.

Luxury swimming pool design and build company Aqua Platinum has highlighted the huge growth in this sector.

Swimming training systems work by creating a powerful current within the pool. They can be installed in pools of almost any size and are ideal for small pools where swimming lengths isn’t realistic.

By swimming against the current, individuals can benefit from an enhanced workout that is incredibly low-impact on the joints. Counter current swimming also serves to speed up the metabolism and even elongate the muscles.

This last benefit was one that actress Natalie Portman was particularly looking to achieve when she swam a mile every day while preparing to film Black Swan. Many other celebrities swear by swimming when it comes to top ways to keep their A-list bodies in shape.

Julia Roberts opts for laps in her Malibu pool, while Nicole Kidman reports that swimming is her favourite exercise and fits in 30 minutes almost every day. Jennifer Aniston makes sure to swim three times each week, while Matthew McConaughey and David Duchovny are also big fans of keeping fit in the water.

Most of those with high end pools tend to opt for swim training systems like the JetStream TriVa, which looks beautifully sleek and stylish. The system suits a wide range of swimming abilities and levels, from beginners right up to professional level training. The variable current speeds are also great for those looking to build strength while recovering from injury.

At Newlands Manor in Dorset, the counter current training system is suitable for athletic level swim training. It is complemented by a steam room, bespoke spa and wet bar to provide the perfect balance of health benefits and relaxation. The Aqua Platinum team reports that the company currently has several more projects under construction that include swim training systems, as the trend continues to gain momentum.

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