A wider choice from Garador!

A wider choice from Garador!

Larger sized garages are becoming more common as people’s requirements change. Bigger vehicles, using a garage for a gym or home office, and increasing need for storage space is all influencing the size of modern garages. Britain’s leading garage door manufacturer Garador has addressed the changing times, and now offers a range of extra wide Sectional doors for both new builds and conversions.

With the clean, modern lines of a Garador Sectional door, a wider garage door can add real style and a unique new look to any property.

Garador’s Sectional garage doors are now available in a range of sizes including especially large sizes all the way up to 5500mm wide or 18 feet wide.

“We are seeing increasing interest in our larger sized Sectional doors,” said Neil Discombe, Managing Director of Garador. “Garador’s Sectional doors, with their superb engineering and functionality, have always been a top seller and now offering them in wiser sizes is attracting additional interest.

“Thanks to our interactive website, it is also so easy now to get a quote for exactly the door you need; so ordering a wider sized door is today a very straightforward thing to do.”

All widths of Garador’s Sectional Doors can be fitted with a Garador GaraMatic electric door operator, to ensure a quite, smooth and fast opening.  GaraMatic operators  fully comply with the latest European standards (BS 13241) and include an automatic reversal system plus have built-in force limitation for additional safety.

Garador’s Sectional doors come in four main designs, Georgian, Linear Small, Linear Medium and Linear Large. There is a wide range of colour choices, finishes and options available including a choice of glazing options.

Find out more about Garador’s full range of garage doors at www.garador.co.uk

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