City Chic kitchen from Keller

City Chic kitchen from Keller

Keller’s City Chic kitchen has been designed to give homes the popular urban, elegant look; with the flexibility to accommodate whatever size family.

The handleless GL2000 model gives a sleek and seamless appearance, creating a harmonious blend between cabinetry, appliances and worktops. The wood patterned doors (pictured) offer the kitchen a warm feel and contrast with trendy chic black accessories such as sinks, taps and black shelving; while the white marble worktop here brings the whole look together.

Whether homeowners want to extend their kitchen island with a worktop that connects with their wall cabinetry or have a separate working area to give a more open-plan look, there are plenty of opportunities to mix and match the units. Keller’s cabinetry is available in a variety of colours from Comfort and Master collections so homeowners can combine different shades and complement them with a range of materials to create their dream kitchen.

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