Garador’s front doors minimise heat loss

Garador’s front doors minimise heat loss

Every door in Garador’s large range of FrontGuard and FrontGuard Plus entrance doors offers the exceptional engineering and functionality one would expect from this leading British door manufacturer.

Each door in the Garador range also offers outstanding thermal efficiency to enhance energy savings and keep the home warm and draught free in the depths of the winter weather. All Garador’s FrontGuard front doors are filled with a 46mm deep highly efficient insulating foam, and Garador’s FrontGuard Plus doors offer an even more robust 65mm insulating foaming with U values down to as low as 1.0 W/m²k.

Garador have also introduced thermal breaks built into the door panel and frame, as well as water tight rubber seals on all four sides of the door panel, all designed to maximise the thermal efficiency of these doors.

“Insulation and preventing heat loss is now a major aspect of all modern builds,” said Neil Discombe, Managing Director of Garador. “Here at Garador we now offer some of the most thermally insulated front entrance doors available in the UK. They can help home owners achieve substantial energy savings as well as offer excellent security and great looks to a property.”

Security has been maximised through intelligent design combined with high functionality including a five-point high security locking system. Also standard is the shatter proof glazing, with an outside pane laminated with security glass while the inside pane is safety glass. This means that if the pane is ever broken, it will not break into sharp edged pieces.

Garador’s FrontGuard and FrontGuard Plus front entrance doors are a stylish as well as a practical solution to a modern home.  They come in a wide range of ultra modern and more traditional looks and a large range of colours to ensure the perfect statement entrance. They can also be co-ordinated with the colours and styles of many of Garador’s garage doors.

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