Legrand premieres 13A socket with integrated USB Type-C outlet

Legrand premieres 13A socket with integrated USB Type-C outlet

With end-user demand for high-speed charging continuing to grow, intensified by the number of devices supported by USB Type-C outlets, Legrand has unveiled what it believes to be one of the world’s first 13A two-gang sockets, with both USB Type-A and Type-C charging outlets.

USB Type-C devices have increased in popularity among consumer electronics manufacturers in recent years, as they are a fraction of the size of standard Type-A outlets. USB Type-C outlets are also reversible, meaning they can be inserted into the fitting in any way and offer a much higher power output compared to their predecessor.

The Synergy USB socket can be installed in exactly the same way as a standard BS 13A socket and requires no additional wiring or installation accreditations, making it suitable for both new-build projects and retrofit installations.

The two-gang variant features both a standard USB Type-A and new Type-C outlet, allowing users to charge a wide range of devices from just one socket. It also provides a solution that is both convenient for immediate use, and accommodates the continued rise of Type-C devices, such as the latest smartphone releases from Samsung and Google.

As well as a two-gang socket, the Synergy USB range includes a one-gang socket complete with a single USB Type-A charging outlet.

The product range is available in a variety of different finishes; white, brushed stainless steel, polished stainless steel and gold. A screwless ‘sleek’ option is also available.

As with all wiring acessories from Legrand’s Synergy range, it benefits from a compact mechanism for maximum wiring space. In addition, it also includes a large angled, easy-to-access cable entry with captive screws.

Richard Hayward, Sales Director of Wiring Devices at Legrand UK & Ireland, provides his comments on the consumer demand for charging outlets. He said, “with nearly 80% of UK consumers owning two or more smart devices, the demand for high-speed charging is at an all-time high. While USB charging ports, which are integrated into wall sockets, is not a new concept to date, the technology has only really covered Type-A ports.

“With many consumer electronic giants embracing USB Type-C as the go-to charging method of choice, Legrand has responded with the launch of this new socket, which combines the latest technology with the robust, easy installation, monobloc design that has become synonymous with the Synergy portfolio.”

He continued by saying, “while USB Type-C take-up by consumers is only going to increase, it is by no means the end of the road for Type-A charging. As such, Legrand’s Synergy USB socket can deliver high-speed charging to both legacy electronics, which comprise of a significant proportion of devices currently in use, as well as those that will be launched over the years to come. Ultimately, whether you’re working on a housing development, or the launch or renovation of a hotel, new Synergy USB sockets are able to accommodate the rapid pace of consumer electronics rise and demand.”

Legrand’s Synergy USB Socket range conforms to BS 1363-2 and is ASTA-certified, while the USB charging elements are compliant to IEC 60950-1.



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