Lighting the way with Caple’s  FSCHSS8 and CCH extractors

Lighting the way with Caple’s FSCHSS8 and CCH extractors

Extraction has reached new levels with multi award-winning Caple’s FSCHSS8 and CCH extractors. These wall-chimney hoods now feature a C-rating for energy efficiency and A-rated lighting, which helps to enhance visibility when cooking.

The FSCHSS8 conventional hood sits discreetly within a bank of wall units, making it the perfect choice where storage is key. With easy-to-operate push button controls and three speeds, this extractor reaches maximum extraction at 194m3/h with maximum sound levels at 60dB. In a stylish stainless-steel finish, this model is available with a recirculation kit.

Caple’s CCH901SS in stainless steel joins a range of wall chimney hoods featuring different dimensions, so there is a hood to suit every kitchen size. The CC901SS has three speeds, which are controlled by handy push buttons. Other new extractors in this collection are the CCH101SS (1000mmW) in a stainless-steel finish, £334, and CCH601BK (600mmW) in a black finish, £159, and CCH601SS in stainless steel and CCH901BK in a black finish, each £159.

Product manager Luke Shipway adds: “All of our new hoods feature state-of-the-art lighting and each design is perfect for those who are looking for stylish, yet affordable cooker hood solutions in the hub of the home.”

The FSCHSS8 measures 600mmW by 800mm by 500mmD costs from around £109 including VAT and the CCH901SS measures 900mmW by 573-940mmH by 480mmD and costs from around £210 including VAT.

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