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The 17th to 18th November 2021 saw the commencement of one of the biggest events in construction and design, the London Build Expo event of 2021. The event that was located in Olympia, London held an array of exhibitors and speakers in which they discussed new trends, new productions and developments occurring in the industry. Showhome was very lucky enough to attend the event and meet some inspiring and powerful people who are making major strides in many sectors of the business. With such an insightful experience, Showhome felt that a reflective piece on this event was necessary in order to understand the importance and vast scope this event and how this will impact on the industry.  

To quickly reiterate, the London Build is an award-winning show and is viewed as one of the best exhibitions in the world. It has been noted as the Winner of Best Brand Expansion at the Exhibition News Awards and finalist of Best Trade Show in the UK and AEO awards. The event features around 500+ speakers from a variety of industries and sectors including the construction industry, fire, finance, sustainability, HVAC, interior design and more! The turnout for the event was fantastic thousands attending over the course of a two-day period with 100’s of exhibitors in the Olympia Grand Hall. The event was also greatly spaced with a total of 6 conference floors where it was free to attend.  

London Build Expo this year had different stages and sections that were directed towards certain sectors or themes. So, one section of the event was focused on a sustainability summit where discussions around environmentally friendly building and movements towards eco-friendly management were discussed, such as the “The Climate Emergency – Lessons from COP26,” were discussed. The Climate Emergency talk featured key speakers such as Sally Sudworth, Global Head of Sustainability and Climate change and Jonathon Riggall the Director for the Built Environment – Stantec. So, as you can see this talk featured extremely important climate figures and government officials in order to assess how the building industry will adapt to the new regulations that have been emplaced through COP26. 

The Main Stage mainly saw events and discussions around the topics of the future of construction, so a talk titled, “Transforming London’s Skyline: The Pipeline for High Rise Buildings,” discussed advancements towards Skyline infrastructure and what to expect in future developments. In particular, in my opinion I believe that a great and important theme that arose from the event was centered around the Diversity and Inclusion Stage


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