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Mike Beech, National Contract Specification Manager at Beko Appliance Partners, discusses Beko’s commitment to exceeding expectations through product quality, innovation and reliability

In order to attract homebuyers and to maximise a new home’s kerb appeal, careful consideration should be given to the selection of quality, functional and durable fixtures and fittings which have been thoughtfully designed to support modern living. For housebuilders and developers, the reliability and longevity of these products are fundamental to giving their properties a competitive edge, ensuring customer satisfaction and maintaining a positive reputation. Meticulous attention to detail on the developer’s part during the design and construction phase could potentially be tainted by inconvenient product malfunctions or inefficiencies post-installation, with costly callbacks and repairs negatively impacting the customer experience, thereby affecting the perception and integrity of the developer.

As a leading supplier to the housebuilding industry, Beko Appliance Partners offer a wide portfolio of competitively priced products from their popular Beko range, the UK’s No. 1 best-selling large home appliance brand. Beko’s range of cooking, cooling, washing and dishwashing solutions have been designed to seamlessly integrate into any modern kitchen design, offering features and functionality enhance modern lifestyles. The brand’s products are stress-tested to the extreme to ensure they are able to withstand the demands of daily household use and stand the test of time. Beko Appliance Partners’ National Specification Manager Mike Beech outlines how the company’s extensive testing and enhanced warranty options can offer peace of mind to developers and their customers alike for years to come.

How do Beko’s testing procedures ensure the reliability and durability of their appliances?

Beko appliances are rigorously stress-tested by simulating extreme real-life scenarios to ensure they continue to function effectively and can withstand the demands of modern living. For example, we open and close oven doors over 15,000 times, and weight test the glass shelves in our refrigerators to withstand 150kg of weight for 8 hours. This comprehensive testing confirms that our appliances are robust enough to provide years of dependable service.

Consumers want a brand they can trust – nobody wants to be stuck without a functioning dishwasher or having to hand-wash the family’s laundry for the week because of a faulty appliance, so Beko aim to minimise these frustrations by creating products built to last.

Why is it important to extend the lifespan of appliances?

With the cost of living continuing to rise, homeowners and renters are always looking for ways to save money. They will want to delay the need to buy a new appliance for as long as possible, as well as minimise the expense and hassle of potentially costly premature repairs.

Increasing the product’s lifespan additionally offers environmental benefits. Short-lived appliances contribute to electronic waste, which can be challenging to recycle and add to landfill. In order to extend the lifespan of our appliances and reduce waste, we are proud to offer our partners an optional extended parts and labour warranty package of up to 5 years. In addition to this, selected products within our Beko range are also eligible for the brand’s generous 10-year spare parts guarantee to encourage repair should an issue arise with a product.

How can quality appliances add value to a new home?

Kitchens sell houses, and appliances pay a pivotal role in a new property’s desirability. A kitchen with the wow factor is often high up on the wish list of buyers searching for their perfect new home, and a well-appointed kitchen can leave a lasting impression, setting the tone for the rest of the property. Stylish, integrated appliances contribute towards overall aesthetics, complementing the kitchen designer’s vision, whatever the style, and instantly capturing buyers’ attention. The promise of a more convenient lifestyle seals the deal, significantly increasing the perceived value of a property.

What would be your advice to housebuilders looking for good value appliances which offer a balance of style, functionality and efficiency?

Housebuilders should carefully consider their customers’ lifestyles and priorities and specify products which align to these preferences. Beyond initial visual appeal, home owners are looking for highly-functional yet energy efficient products to make their lives easier, while helping to reduce energy bills. Beko’s products feature a host of innovative time and energy-saving technologies designed to take the hassle out of household chores.

Adding a dishwasher to a new home’s specification is a great way of providing home owners and renters with a convenient solution to save time on laborious washing up. With an average of 6,800 litres of water saved each year by a household compared to handwashing, dishwashers enable significant savings on water bills as well as preserving time and effort. Beko offers a range of slimline dishwasher solutions where space is at a premium, meaning properties with even the most challenging of floorplans are able to enjoy all the benefits a dishwasher adds to a kitchen.

Winner of a Which? Best Buy award for its water and energy efficiency, Beko’s ‘A’ and ‘B’ energy-rated CornerIntense™ dishwasher technology delivers an intense and effective clean with uniquely rotating spray arms allowing water and detergent to reach every corner of the machine. Our dishwashers are tested extensively to ensure they continue to perform effectively for years to come, with the lower basket extended, fully loaded with up to 16kg, over 100,000 times to challenge its durability.

How are Beko appliances able to address the needs of the modern homeowner?

The fast-paced nature of modern life has intensified the demand for time-saving solutions. Home buyers are keen to see new homes furnished with practical appliances designed to streamline daily chores, allowing them more valuable time to pursue other interests.

Beko’s AquaTech® washing machines use the power of water to replace harsh drum movements, washing a load up to 50% faster than conventional machines whilst being up to 50% gentler on fabrics without compromising on performance. Furthermore, the brand’s SteamCure™ washing machine technology effectively reduces wrinkles and creases in laundry, minimising the need for ironing.

Simultaneously, we are undoubtedly seeing a shift in attitudes as homeowners increasingly embrace environmental consciousness as a core value. As well as offering appliances made from recycled components and reducing wastage by encouraging repair rather than replacements through extended warranties, Beko products themselves feature a host of technologies designed to encourage sustainable living.

Our HarvestFresh™ fridge freezers, for example, offer a revolutionary approach to food preservation and storage. Unlike conventional fridge freezers, which solely rely on cooling mechanisms to maintain freshness, Beko’s HarvestFresh™ models use innovative 3-colour light technology in the crisper drawer to cleverly mimic the 24-hour sun cycle. When compared to traditional refrigerators, HarvestFresh™ technology preserves the vitamins in fruits and vegetables for up to 5 days longer, promoting a healthier lifestyle and reducing food waste. HarvestFresh™ fridge freezers further benefit from Beko’s Frost Free technology which automatically defrosts the freezer, preventing ice build-up by removing the warm air which enters the appliance when the door is opened.

This innovative technology is available in a range of sizes, splits and styles at varying price points, from high-end specifications to entry-level models, allowing our partners to provide exciting technology to their buyers and renters whatever the project budget.

What role does sustainability play in your company’s approach to innovation within the appliance industry?

From continuous product innovation, for example transforming recycled plastic bottles, fishing nets and industrial thread waste into high performance materials in our Beko RecycledTub® washing machines and RecycledNet® ovens, to responsible manufacturing methods, reducing packaging and increasing our range of energy efficient appliances, we are striving to reduce our impact on the environment wherever possible.

Beko plc has recently been accredited as a Gold Carbon Literate Organisation, highlighting our company’s dedication towards tackling climate change, reducing our organisational carbon emissions, and our commitment to working towards a lower-carbon future. We are keen to engage our partners by providing the inspiration to make changes across their organisations as we work together to make a meaningful difference on a wider scale.

Aside from energy efficiency and functionality to aid busy lifestyles, what current trends are influencing the specification of appliances?

We are seeing a surge in interest for multi-purpose appliances, which provide increased flexibility and versatility, particularly where space is at a premium. Products with multiple purposes, such as our popular Beko AeroPerfect™ fan oven with its unique AirFry function which incorporates the popular air fry technology within the main oven, eliminate the need for purchasing additional bulky freestanding products, saving valuable countertop and cupboard space in the kitchen. Meanwhile, stackable washing machine and tumble dryer combinations offer a practical space-saving solution, providing the functionality of a side-by-side setup whilst only taking up the space of a single appliance.

How do Beko Appliance Partners collaborate with builders to incorporate innovative solutions into their projects?

As Beko plc’s specialist contract team, Beko Appliance Partners exclusively supply appliances to new build residential projects across the UK. Our knowledgeable and dedicated team have over 100 years’ of collective experience in specifying bespoke solutions. We work with our partners to understand their individual project and budget requirements, recommending the most suitable products for each scheme whilst offering a flexible, tailored end-to-end service.

We place an emphasis on building relationships to ensure the best possible service for our customers throughout the purchase process. Our partners’ customers will continue to be supported throughout their appliance’s lifespan with a reliable and responsive customer care team and a national network of service engineers on hand should any product issues arise.

How do Beko Appliance Partners help housebuilders to meet current building regulations?

Our dedicated contract supply team keeps abreast of changes within the industry to ensure we are able to recommend products which not only satisfy but exceed current regulations. Sustainability continues to be a key theme dominating conversations within the construction sector, and we fully understand the role we play as a supplier in supporting our partners as they navigate the upcoming challenges of legislative changes.

With the Future Homes Standard just one year from implementation, we can help developers understand how their new homes built following 2025 can effectively meet the mandatory requirement of producing 75-80% less carbon emissions than is currently accepted under building regulations. Our range of energy and water efficient technologies means our appliances can effectively contribute towards lowering the operational carbon emissions of new homes.

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