Ask the Expert – Gareth Lowden

Gareth Lowden, Head of Commercial at Caesarstone, reveals how innovation helps Caesarstone to continually deliver excellence, sustainability and safety its surface designs 

Please introduce yourself and your role at Caesarstone. 

I’m Gareth Lowden, Head of Commercial at Caesarstone UK & ROI and I have been at Caesarstone for over 7 years. My team is dedicated to establishing and nurturing relationships with both national and regional housebuilders. Our aim is to ensure the successful specification and integration of Caesarstone products in a variety of residential and commercial projects, whilst providing the highest levels of customer service to our clients. Working closely with both new and existing clients we tailor our solutions to their business needs and provide expert advice on our products in order to consistently deliver high-quality surfaces that enhance the aesthetic and functional value of their projects. 

Tell us more about the brand story behind Caesarstone.   

Caesarstone, established in 1987, has become a leader in premium surface design, prioritising excellence, sustainability, and safety. Caesarstone’s innovative approach has revolutionised surface materials, addressing consumer demands for provenance and eco-friendliness. Pioneering engineered stone surfaces in the late 1980s, Caesarstone overcame the limitations of natural stone, offering durability and aesthetic appeal. Today, our surfaces mimic the luxury of marble, boldness of granite, and natural beauty of pebbles, gracing stylish kitchens globally. Each slab is meticulously crafted to ensure lasting elegance, with continuous research and development driving innovation. Caesarstone’s commitment to quality and design sets industry standards, anticipating and shaping future trends.  

There have been many changes in the surface industry recently, how have Caesarstone responded to these changes? 

The surface industry is undergoing significant transformation. Specifiers and consumers are increasingly prioritising material provenance and sustainability, driving changes in consumer behaviour and legislative measures. The era of accepting any unbranded material of dubious origin is over, ushering in a future grounded in knowledge, trust, and sustainability. While the market offers a wide range of engineered stones with varying quality, aesthetics, and technical specifications, assuming they are all the same is often misleading. The essential information specifiers need is often elusive, a challenge Caesarstone tackles daily. 

True to our reputation, our commitment to innovation extends beyond new product development. Sustainability lies at the core of our brand values, ensuring we are at the forefront of creating eco-friendly worktops. Our sustainability credentials include our Declare label, EPD, ESG Report all of which can be easily found on our website. Our ESG report, in particular, details all the ways in which we continue to improve our business practices to improve our sustainability and reduce our impact on the world around us. Furthermore, our Lifetime Warranty serves as tangible proof of our dedication to creating products with longevity in mind. Additional certifications, product data sheets and sustainability information can be readily found on the Caesarstone website, important for any developer that wants to be confident in the product they are specifying.  

We also understand that exceptional service is integral to ensuring our customers are satisfied and building long-term relationships. To enhance our service offerings to the housebuilder market, we have expanded our commercial team and introduced a dedicated Housebuilder brochure that offers extremely competitive prices across a vast number of our products, offering something suitable for all budgets.  

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