At Washbot®, the future is Smart

The future of toilets is a Washbot Smart Toilet, offering a wide range of features and benefits and gaining popularity among housing developers  

Washbot have recently launched their new range of Smart Toilets in the UK.  Smart toilets, or bidet toilets, are ubiquitous in Asia, where according to some reports over 90% of homes in Japan have them installed.    

Sales of Smart Toilets have started to increase rapidly since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, fuelled by concerns over toilet paper shortages, and more importantly the hygienic benefits of cleansing with water.   

Washbot Director, Andy Smith told us ‘Sales of Smart Toilets are increasing in the UK, but we remain a long way behind the mature markets in Asia.   I strongly believe a big reason for this is price.  Smart Toilets are seen as a luxury product, and there is a perception that they are very expensive.  At Washbot, our aim is to provide a high-quality product and service, at a more affordable price point.  This actually provides a great opportunity for us working together with housing developers, as we can provide a great product that will provide high perceived added value for their customers.’   

The Washbot product range includes both wall-hung and back to wall models, combined with a choice of different aesthetic designs. All models have a front and rear washing function, with adjustable temperature, pressure, and angle of spray.  The water jet also has an oscillating spray function, providing a soothing cleansing experience.  Additional functions include warm air drying, heated seat, and a night light.  All easily operated by a handy wall mounted remote control.  The higher end units also come with an automatic opening lid and seat – providing a hands-free user experience!   The air-drying function helps to reduce consumption of toilet paper, thus burnishing the eco-credentials of bidet toilets. 

Space-saving is another aspect where smart toilets excel.  Requiring a smaller footprint than a traditional bidet and WC suite, they can either reduce the size required for bathrooms, or provide a larger feeling of space.  Housing developers are increasingly recognising the appeal of smart toilets in contemporary living spaces, and as they embrace the shift towards smart home technologies, smart toilets are becoming a sought-after added value in new home constructions.  The allure of modern amenities, improved hygiene, and the potential for water and energy savings make a Washbot an attractive addition to developments focused on providing advanced, sustainable, and comfortable living environments.   

In addition to UKCA and CE certification issued by TUV, Washbot also have WRAS and KUKReg4 issued by KIWA Watertec in the UK.       

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