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Taking a look into the traditional wooden flooring market and why parquet flooring is reigning supreme in homes across the country  

Flooring is a big commitment in the home. With the price of flooring quickly racking up, it is possibly the most expensive commitment in the designing or even renovation process of a home. Flooring isn’t a temporary feature in a home, but a constant. This means that flooring needs to be a neutral in the home in order to keep up with changing trends that the people living there may partake in.  

Of course, some people live with one constant style so can make bolder flooring choices as they know the interior design of their home will not often change, so a bold choice will make a statement and will hold up. Although the most common occurrence in a home is that style and designs that people dabble in often change. Whether people change their interior design with the seasons, or to keep up with trends, it is likely that people enjoy changing up the interior of the place they spend so much time. Because of this, flooring is supposed to remain a constant and be adaptable and complement most styles.   

According to Grand View Research, the global flooring market size was estimated as US$257.92 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow by 5.6% by the year 2030. With the flooring market being such a huge and constantly growing one, what are the trends within the market, and what kind of flooring are people spending their money on?  

One of the most popular flooring options, and has been for years, is wooden flooring. Just above wooden flooring is carpets. Although the lifecycle of carpeting is only 5 to 15 years. So, whereas wooden flooring can last 25 to 30 years, or even longer if properly cared for, carpeting has to be replaced more frequently, which could explain why it ranks above wooden flooring in sales.  

With the options of shades and types of wooden flooring, many revert to the classic in order to achieve a stylish, neutral option for the flooring in their home. No matter if the design of the home changes, or if the colour of the walls change with those who live within it, wooden flooring is a classic neutral that is able to be paired with anything.  

As mentioned, wooden flooring can last the homeowner years if properly cared for, even in homes where pets and children reside, whereas other flooring options such as carpeting and wooden flooring lasts years and hold up well even in homes with children and pets. Whilst flooring such as carpets needs to be replaced every 10 years or so, wooden flooring, if looked after correctly, can last the homeowner years, possibly their lifetime. Though there is a downside of wooden flooring, and that’s the cost. These days you get what you pay for, and as wooden flooring is one of the most expensive options, it also doesn’t have to be replaced as often as others. 

 Parquet flooring  

There has been a huge shift in flooring trends in the last few years. Many people are reverting back to more traditional styles of flooring in their homes, and there has been a massive upswing in interest of parquet floors in particular.

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