Bath Fitter: Simple, Cost-Effective Renovations  

Bath Fitter explains how you can meet your budget without compromising on quality thanks to their premium quality bathing areas 

Perfect fit. Premium-quality products. No disruption. Installed in as little as one day. That’s the Bath Fitter promise, from their business to yours.  

Speed and efficiency is important to a business, big or small. And success never sacrifices quality in the process. Bath Fitter offers a proven process they’ve been perfecting for 40 years. 

Indeed, Bath Fitter pioneered the bath-over-bath installation system in 1984. It was a breakthrough then, and it’s the gold standard now. Their long history’s first chapter opens with commercial contracts. It was both their considerable experience and their industry-leading success in the commercial sector that allowed them to expand into the residential field.  

For four decades now, Bath Fitter has built its reputation for bath renovation by perfecting the design and installation of durable, premium quality bathing areas. No project is too big or too small. Indeed, the list of clients runs the gamut, from cruise ships and hotels to student housing and hospitals and even the military. 

From the first call to the final installation, Bath Fitter oversees the whole process. They don’t use outside suppliers or contractors. Whether your business calls for a brand-new bath, shower, bath-to-shower conversion, or wheelchair-accessible shower with added safety features, Bath Fitter has the solution.  

That solution starts with quality raw materials manufactured in their state-of-the-art facilities. Bath Fitter acrylic sheets, which are among the most durable on the international market, are custom moulded into the baths, showers, accessories, and exclusive one-piece wall panels that millions of customers have come to rely upon. Even the adhesive used at installation is manufactured in-house to our exacting standards to ensure the lasting, perfect fit synonymous with the Bath Fitter brand.

And then the glamourous part: Installation, which includes a one-piece seamless wall ensuring that coveted watertight fit. And since the company is vertically integrated, the installation is completed by a Bath Fitter technician, making the entire process hassle-free, from call to install. 

With Bath Fitter, you can meet your budget without compromising on quality. And you can sleep better at night knowing Bath Fitter never compromises on product, process, or people. It’s what makes Bath Fitter make businesses the best they can be, from inside the bathroom outward.   

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