Caesarstone paves the way with new Mineral Surfaces 

With a focus on sustainability and provenance, Caesarstone is transforming the surface industry by ensuring clarity and trust in material sourcing 

The surface industry stands on the cusp of a transformative era. Specifiers and end-consumers now have far greater concern for material provenance and sustainability and this in turn is driving change both in consumer habits and legislatively. Gone are the days when any unbranded material of questionable origin will do, heralding a future for the industry that is rooted in knowledge surrounding material provenance, trust and sustainability. While the market offers a plethora of engineered stones varying in quality, aesthetics, and technical specifications, assuming they are all identical is often misleading. The essential information that specifiers require is frequently elusive or difficult to access, a challenge that Caesarstone aim to combat on a daily basis.  

With a legacy spanning almost four decades, Caesarstone has consistently pushed the boundaries of design and material technologies and now, with the introduction of their new Mineral Surfaces, the brand reaffirms its commitment to excellence, sustainability, and safety. The launch of Caesarstone’s new Mineral Surfaces is not merely a product introduction; it symbolizes Caesarstone’s ongoing dedication to excellence. Unveiled as part of their newly launched Time collection, Mineral Surfaces represent a paradigm shift in surface design. Developed using their unparalleled expertise and advanced technology, these surfaces combine minerals such as Feldspar and Quartz along with recycled elements, resulting in a finished product that enhances both performance and sustainability. With up to 40% recycled material content and reduced crystalline silica levels, these surfaces offer a low-silica alternative that meets stringent safety standards while maintaining durability and resilience. 

Their recent Time collection launch saw the introduction of three new Mineral Surfaces; 5310 Brillianza, 5113 Solenna and 5140 Dreamy Carrara. These beautiful surfaces draw inspiration from the transformative journey of stone through millennia, encapsulating ancient beauty with a modern twist, evoking a sense of timelessness while embracing the future.  

More importantly though, it also announced Caesarstone’s future trajectory, with the intention to progressively transition more designs from their Quartz collection to these low-silica alternative designs. In addition to the Mineral Surfaces within the Time Collection, 27 stocked quartz products in Caesarstone’s UK portfolio have already been transitioned to Mineral Surfaces, including several within our dedicated house builder range and with more to come over the course of the next twelve months. 

True to Caesarstone’s reputation, their commitment to innovation extends beyond new product development. Sustainability lies at the core of their brand values, and they are at the forefront of creating eco-friendly worktops. In recent times, there has been a noticeable shift in customer preferences, reflecting a growing awareness and desire for sustainable product options. 

Caesarstone’s Declare label, EPD, ESG Report, and Lifetime Warranty serve as tangible proof of their dedication to transparency and sustainability, empowering partners and consumers to make eco-conscious choices confidently. Certifications, product data sheets and sustainability information can be readily found on the Caesarstone website.  

Furthermore, Caesarstone recognise that delivering exceptional service is as vital as providing top-quality products. In line with this commitment, they have enacted several internal changes to further enhance their service offerings to the housebuilder market. Including an expansion of the commercial team and the recent introduction of a dedicated Housebuilder brochure.  

As the surface industry continues to evolve, Caesarstone remains at the forefront, driving innovation and setting new standards for design, sustainability, safety and customer service. With the introduction of the Mineral Surfaces, Caesarstone reaffirms its position as an industry leader, pioneering change and shaping the future of surface design. 

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