Elevate Your Bathroom Lighting with MyLife 

For a touch of contemporary in the bathroom, MyLife’s new modular furniture ranges Serra and Calia are the perfect solutions 

In the realm of home design, the bathroom often takes centre stage as a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation. While elements like tiles, fixtures, and colour schemes play pivotal roles in crafting the perfect ambiance, one factor that often goes underestimated is lighting. The right lighting not only ensures functionality but also transforms the bathroom into a designer haven, where every moment is elevated to an experience. 

MyLife’s new contemporary modular furniture ranges, Serra and Calia, are available with optional LED lighting strips for use within drawers. The hassle-free illumination upgrades require no hard wiring as they are powered by a rechargeable USB battery that easily pops in and out. What’s even better is that the light is motion sensor so only switches on when the drawer is pulled open meaning the battery lasts even longer.  

In terms of functionality, well-placed and properly illuminated mirrors are a game-changer. The right lighting eliminates shadows, ensuring a well-lit space for grooming activities. Task lighting, strategically positioned around the vanity or mirror, not only provides optimal visibility but also becomes a stylish focal point. Imagine the soft glow of LED lights framing the mirror, casting a flattering and even illumination for your daily routines. 

The new Octa LED Mirror from MyLife is a showstopping 8-sided masterpiece in Brushed Brass, Matt Black and Gun Metal frames, that’s sure to make even the fussiest house guest speechless. Like all MyLife LED Mirrors, the new Octa has a contactless sensor so no troublesome fingerprints on the glass, a built-in demister pad to keep mirror steam free during a hot shower and controls to change the lighting from cool to warm tones to suit the ambience of the room.  

If extra storage is needed to hide those daily toiletries, opt for an LED Mirror Cabinet that combines the best of aesthetic lighting and functional space. MyLife’s new Keely LED Mirror has double-sided glass doors, internal shelves with a built-in wireless phone charger, plus a stylish external black shelf, but most importantly, beautiful ambient downlighting that creates an overarching sense of luxury. 

The new Corey LED Mirror Cabinet serves as another genius combination of storage and lighting, however if you’re not a fan of an exposed cabinet on the wall, you can simply remove the glass sides and recess the mirror into the wall, and no one will ever suspect the hidden storage joy behind the scenes!  

There’s no denying that bathroom lighting is the unsung hero of interior design, shaping the ambiance and adding a touch of luxury to the everyday. Whether you opt for a subtle glow or a bold statement piece, the right lighting can turn your bathroom into a curated masterpiece, where design meets functionality in perfect harmony. Discover more today at www.mylifebathrooms.com 

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