Playing with fire

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Heating equipment can be considered an eyesore, so how do interior designers respond to this and turn these bulky machines into eye-catching products and fire places? 

Designing a home is an art. Interior designers must have the vision, talent and eye in order to make the inside of the home look captivating and appealing to buyers. The interior design of a certain home can arguably be the main factor that pushes a first-time buyer into accepting a new property. Interior design is incorporated into almost any aspect of the house from the bathroom all the way to the bedroom. One aspect of interior design that has taken up a lot of traction is with regards to the heating sector. Various heating components are added throughout the house, which tend to be quite bulky or strangely incorporated into the housing structure. Therefore, interior designers need to consider how to make these various heated appliances visually appealing. With that being said, this feature wishes to assess how various heating methods shape the landscape of the interior design world.   

What is interior design  

Interior design is the art and science of altering and enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and aesthetic environment for individuals using a space. Interior design methods are usually undertaken by interior designers. Interior designers need to plan, research, coordinate and manage any projects that are going underway. Interior design by nature is a very multi-faceted occupation that varies from the conceptual development all the way to the execution of design. 

A brief description of heating the home

When it comes to heating the home in recent years, a central heating system and thermostat are used in order to keep the house warm. Heat can then be distributed from usually radiators, where the heat gets transported via pipes to these radiators by the boiler. For an interior designer these heating systems can be a pain. Boilers especially are considered highly unattractive and are incredibly large. This can impact on the imagery and integrity of a given room. However, interior designers cannot simply just remove these heating systems as they are a vital component to any housing space. Having the ability to stay warm and sheltered from the cold is a human right that should be granted to all. All humans need heat in order to not get ill and feel comfortable, therefore interior designers have had to get creative when it comes to tackling this issue. Therefore, it is time to assess the ways in which designers have reimagined certain heating devices in order to make them look more attractive.   

Interior design and the fireplace

As many know, a fireplace, otherwise known as a hearth, is a structure of brick, stone or metal design that contains fire. Fireplaces hold a multitude of purposes, the obvious being to heat up the room and also to create ambiance. Fireplaces and hearths have been around for centuries and in the past were considered to be the most popular and only available option to heat up the home. Fireplaces in the past tended to be quite unpredictable and the transfer of heat was very minimal in a given room.

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