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The future of worksurfaces 

Positioned as the premier worktop supplier to house builders, Athena Surfaces has become synonymous with innovation, boasting a remarkable 72-hour turnaround time as a standard offering.  

They have an unwavering commitment to customer support, coupled with targeted sales assistance. They also offer an exclusive product range tailored for house builders that has solidified their status as the ‘go-to’ source for those seeking to enhance their builds with quality worktops. 

In the face of evolving dynamics in the worktop market, Athena is looking towards the future of worksurfaces. In a strategic move, as a company, they have forged a partnership with Mirage Porcelain, a renowned Italian brand, to introduce a groundbreaking line of 20mm Porcelain worksurfaces that have been making waves in the market. 

Mirage by Athena emerges as a transformative force in the work surfaces industry, seamlessly marrying the durability of sintered stone with the design versatility inherent in premium Italian Porcelain. This innovative amalgamation empowers builders and designers alike to effortlessly craft spaces that are both aspirational and affordable. Traditionally, large housebuilders found it challenging to offer premium-quality products due to budget constraints. Athena, however, have managed to bridge this gap, making the premium Mirage Porcelain worksurfaces accessible to volume housebuilders, aligning with current trends and enabling them to cater to customer demands effectively. 

Beyond accessibility, the Mirage Porcelain worksurfaces boast environmental sustainability and an impressive array of attributes that distinguish them from conventional surfaces. With scratch resistance, heat resistance and stain resistance, these worksurfaces provide peace of mind for both house builders and end users, establishing them as the ideal choice for work surfaces that customers want to buy. 

Athena have also expanded their product offerings by introducing Luxus, a comprehensive housebuilder range of floor and wall tiles that perfectly complement the worksurface lineup. This strategic move allows housebuilders to design cohesive spaces, where indoor and outdoor tiles, work surfaces, and walls harmoniously unite in the same material, creating aesthetically pleasing environments that hold significant appeal for potential buyers. 

Mirage by Athena opens avenues for consumers to design distinctive kitchens where worktops, flooring, and walls seamlessly blend. The versatility of this design product, coupled with its aspirational aesthetic, facilitates exceptional functionality and creativity in any space or home. 

As the market perceives quartz worktops as increasingly commoditised, Porcelain emerges as the more opulent choice for worksurfaces. Athena is positioned at the forefront of this market shift, spearheading their mission to deliver the best possible products to their customers at the most competitive prices. In adherence to their enduring commitment, Athena continues to make the aspirational affordable, ensuring that consumers can elevate their living spaces without compromising on quality or style. 

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