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Imagine a kitchen worksurface that doubles as a cooking area, seamlessly. CookingRAK from RAK Ceramics makes it a reality with a true innovation in surface and kitchen technology. The induction hob is concealed in the porcelain surface, taking the kitchen from meal preparation to social space effortlessly. 

CookingRak presents a new invisible induction cooking system through a process of integration between material and technology, offering the highest quality with an avant-garde design that fits perfectly into any space.  

Designed to create a multi-functional kitchen space ideal for daily use, the system is integrated into the countertop, opening possibilities for users to prepare, cook and dine in the same space; a seamlessly designed kitchen top made for dining and entertaining. The technology combines the high-performance of RAK Ceramics porcelain slabs, with an innovative induction system that operates through a magnetic field. Porcelain has always been the ideal choice for kitchen countertops as it is a durable material, resistant to heat, stain, and scratch. It is also resistant to moisture and do not easily stain, making it easy to clean. 

CookingRAK is exclusively produced with RAK Ceramics porcelain slabs in 14.5mm thickness and 135.5×305 cm size. The slabs are capable of withstanding high temperatures and with a surface hardness that resists scratching and staining. They are also an ideal material for kitchen countertops as they are very hygienic, food-safe, and less likely to harbour moulds and bacteria.  

To conveniently locate the cooking zones on the countertop, the RAK Ceramics slabs can be customised to add special markings in six modifications that will suit any kitchen style 

Safety in the kitchen is always important, and with CookingRAK’s induction system, the countertop surface does not heat up. Using electromagnetic currents, it will only heat the cookware placed over the hob. An efficient way of cooking, the induction system operates through a magnetic field, produced by generating a magnetic field in contact with a metal container. The induction plate detects a container on its surface, by means of magnetic waves, it agitates its particles, heating it and cooking the contents. No heat is transferred to the surface, which makes it safe to use even in the busy family kitchen. In addition, the CookingRAK systems undergoes thorough testing and meet all the requirements and regulations, making them safe for domestic and commercial use. 

Simple to use, the system can be controlled in two ways, via remote control or through a free downloadable app. The CookingRAK app is the ultimate solution for controlling the hidden induction system, enabling the easy management of Zone Control, Timer, Power Control, Temperature Control, and Security Shutdown.  

CookingRAK can be chosen in a wide range of colour schemes, designed to meet the latest trends, from the modern and minimalist to classic or rustic.  

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