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The Concierge Furniture Collection 

In the ever-changing landscape of home interiors, the need to stay relevant and appealing is greater than ever. A blend of traditional and contemporary styles, transitional design has emerged as a clear consumer favourite. Responding to this growing consumer demand, the Concierge bathroom collection by Roper Rhodes is a versatile range of vanity units that combines the elegance of classical design with modern functionality.  

Designed to cater to diverse tastes and bathroom layouts, the collection features freestanding vanity units with ample storage and a choice of elegant finishes. With soft close drawers and spacious basins, Concierge also boasts bordered fascias, and three storage drawers.  This new design offers a sleek, floor-standing, modern and timeless profile. Storage is a key focus, with tall drawers on the 800 and 1000mm units delivering exceptional solutions for keeping bathroom essentials organised and within reach.  

An essential aspect of the Concierge collection is its customisation options. Available in four versatile finishes, including matt white, matt carbon, jumper green and coniston blue, it provides a personalised touch to suit various interior styles. Additionally, the collection comes in three sizes, 600, 800, and 1000mm configurations, ensuring a perfect fit for bathrooms small and spacious. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for property developers looking to accommodate diverse floor plans and customer preferences.  

Key Features: 

Versatile Vanity Units: The collection includes freestanding vanity units, designed to cater to various bathroom layouts and styles. 

Ample Storage: A significant benefit of the Concierge collection is its focus on storage. The 800 and 1000mm units feature tall drawers, providing efficient organisation and easy access to bathroom essentials. This aspect is particularly beneficial for compact urban homes or high-end properties, where efficient use of space is crucial. 

Customisation Options: Available in four finishes (matt white, matt carbon, jumper green, and coniston blue) with a wide range of hardware options, the collection offers customisation to suit diverse interior styles and spatial requirements. This flexibility is valuable for housebuilders aiming to meet a range of customer preferences and project specifications. 

The Roper Rhodes Group, incorporating the Roper Rhodes, Tavistock and R2 brands, is the UK’s leading independent supplier of bathroom furniture, toilet seats, bath panels, and bathroom fittings. We combine great quality, inspirational and innovative product designs and affordable prices. In a competitive marketplace, our mission is to give you, the developer, a distinct advantage by significantly adding to the perceived value of your property. 

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