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Light, Smart, and High-Performing 

In an industry that once favoured materials that were traditionally heavy and bulky, things have changed. The construction and property sectors are embracing a shift towards practical, cost-effective, and long-lasting insulation solutions. The realisation that the highest-performing insulation need not be bulky, space consuming or overly expensive is transforming the industry landscape.  

Why should you rethink traditional insulation? 

The ongoing shift brings a dual benefit, helping both the workforce and end users. When comparing traditional materials, for instance, PIR boards often necessitate excessive cutting and fitting, leading to wastage. On the other hand, fibreglass poses risks of harmful particle exposure, causing irritation and respiratory issues. Additionally, the dust settling from fibreglass or PIR installations makes it challenging to maintain a clean environment. 

By moving the industry towards the idea of smarter and more innovative solutions, we allow the workforce to excel without the trouble of labour intensive installation process and exposure to troublesome materials or excessive cleaning post-installation. We also offer a lasting solution for customers’ energy efficiency requirements.  

To add on, traditional insulation materials often require additional measures to meet modern day insulation demands, leading to extra costs, increased labour, and room for errors. In response to these challenges, the construction industry is now seeking all-in-one solutions.

SuperFOIL Insulation, a leading manufacturer of reflective foil insulation products in the UK, has played a major role in this transformation. Their cutting-edge solutions prioritise thermal performance, design flexibility, and space optimization, contributing to the construction of energy-efficient homes. With Building Regulations becoming more stringent, a focus on eco-friendly building products, and the rise of green building certifications, SuperFOIL is at the forefront of this evolution. Their commitment to finding a better way to insulate has resonated strongly in the market. 

Reflective Breathable Membrane 

The 3-in-1 reflective Breathable insulation products from SuperFOIL, such as SF19BB and SF40BB, surpass traditional insulation types in multiple ways. By integrating a high-performance ‘W1 watertight’ breather membrane into their design, SuperFOIL products eliminate the need for a separate breather layer, and the perforated layers allow moisture to escape without causing condensation damage to the property. 

The highly reflective foil surface acts as a radiant barrier, preventing heat loss in winter and solar gain in summer, while the breather membrane mitigates the risks of moisture penetration, condensation, and mould growth. The insulated wadding layers further enhance insulation, preventing heat transfer. 

SuperFOIL’s multifunctional design allows for continuous layer installation, maximising performance, avoiding thermal bridging and interstitial condensation (common issues with conventional insulation types) while maintaining a slim profile. The flexibility extends to using SuperFOIL alone, in single/duet configurations, or in combination with other insulation types, making it a versatile solution for various projects. 

Easy and Cost-Effective Installation 

SuperFOIL products, being lightweight and flexible, facilitate easy installation, minimising time and wastage. Unlike traditional insulation, no specialised protective equipment is required, as SuperFOIL products are non-hazardous. The simplicity of cutting, stapling, and taping ensures a hassle-free and quality installation process 

Requiring less material to achieve better U-values, SuperFOIL is a cost-effective solution for any insulation project. What’s more, the elimination of an extra breather layer reduces the overall buildup thickness, simplifying your project. 

Sustainable Choice 

SuperFOIL is not only a performance-driven choice but also an environmentally-conscious one. With up to 40% recycled material in each product, SuperFOIL contributes to reducing waste and environmental impact, making it a sustainable choice for construction projects. 

For more information on SuperFOIL Insulation and its revolutionary products, visit or call 01636 639900 

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