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In the current climate, more businesses than ever are choosing to support the UK economy by purchasing homegrown products and brands. At West Fraser Europe all their engineered wood panels are proudly made in the UK and they’re committed to making better products for a sustainable future. From structural SterlingOSB Zero to the UK’s most specified flooring range, CaberFloor, and the UK’s original MDF, CaberMDF, the range covers all the wood panels needed for show home construction, fit out and furniture manufacture.  

The newest product in their range is SterlingOSB Zero PrimedPlus, which is designed for site hoardings and is ready for marketing graphics to be added, without the need for painting. It is ideal for show home site signage as well as sales and marketing messages. With all the inherent properties of OSB3, SterlingOSB Zero PrimedPlus has a top face that has been painted with a UV putty, and sealed edges to reduce water ingress. Each board has a smooth finish and is made without adding any formaldehyde, so is safer to work with, helping to build greener homes.  

Pre-painted with a high-quality cross-linked epoxy acylate UV cured coating on one side 

Sealed with a unique wax impregnated hydroscopic edge treatment 

Designed for use as site hoardings, for sales messages, as screening, walkways etc 

Available in white or grey 

A blank canvas for marketing messages 

Suitable for both interior and exterior projects immediately 

And as you’d expect from the UK’s No.1 producer of engineered wood panels, West Fraser Europe is committed to playing their part in reducing their emissions. All their UK-made engineered wood panel products have been certified as being net carbon negative. This means they lock up more CO2e in their products (and lifetime of use) than they emit making them. That’s accounting for everything from forest to customer, including harvesting, production, sales, and logistics. These lifecycle impacts have been independently audited by Wood, and verified and certified by the international EPD system Secretariat in Sweden. 

If you’re looking for a wood panel supplier who is committed to sustainable production and supply, West Fraser Europe is there for you. With visible end-to-end supply chains and dedicated, streamlined logistics, coupled with excellent customer service, more companies are choosing West Fraser Europe as their supply partner of choice. 

Streamlined logistics 

Sustainable supply chain 

Improved product availability 

Recyclable packaging 

Excellent technical & customer support 


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