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Explore The Pebble range from Caesarstone – the latest range of quartz surfaces, designed with durability, sustainability and consumer desire, front of mind. 

Earlier this year, Caesarstone announced the launch of the Pebbles Collection, a suite of five competitively priced quartz surfaces, inspired by the humble pebble to create a series of worktops that bring a sense of calm and tranquillity to any kitchen.  

The pandemic changed the interior design landscape dramatically, our collective sense of confinement left us yearning for the outside world. The one hour of freedom we were allowed per day made city-dwellers yearn for the country and those who had nature on their doorstep were inclined to appreciate it more.  

This dramatic shift led to the creation of Caesarstone’s Pebbles Collection. These sustainable surfaces span a range of earthy tones from cream to beige to dark grey, with each surface enhanced by soft veining across its surface. Designed by Mor Krisher, Caesarstone’s Chief Designer, and his team, the collection is reminiscent of the peaceful elements of nature, boasting an understated and unassuming look. This new range meets consumer desire to bring nature into their homes, whilst being versatile enough to suit a wide range of kitchen styles.  

Long gone are the days where shiny, mirror-chip quartz fulfils the desires of the interior-savvy consumer and for those interested in purchasing a new home the kitchen is almost always a major factor. Kitchens are the heart of the home, and the modern consumer wants a kitchen that provides them with a beautiful space in which they will likely spend much of their time. Caesarstone surfaces exude luxury and quality, helping you sell into consumer ideals and communicate the overall quality of the development.  

Alongside the aesthetic benefits of this range are two further benefits: quality and sustainability. Caesarstone are the quartz pioneers, having begun manufacturing quartz surfaces over three decades ago.  Their surfaces use only the best raw materials and are then rigorously tested to confirm their safety and durability, as well as ensuring they meet the strict building criteria required by housebuilders. Safety data sheets, technical specification and details of certification can all be found on their website or requested via the commercial team. Further peace of mind for developers can be found in the form of the Caesarstone residential Lifetime Warranty.  

Regarding sustainability, the Pebbles Collection has been developed to meet Caesarstone’s recent environmental pledge, which looks at how the design brand can best protect nature and the environment in the production of its quartz surfaces. In-keeping with acknowledging health & safety regulations, social responsibility, environmentally responsible production, and sustainable products, the creation of Pebbles has been meticulously and carefully considered. This, coupled with the long product lifecycle and lifetime warranty, make Caesarstone a great choice for sustainability conscious developers and potential home buyers.  

These competitively priced surfaces are available now. For more information email or visit 


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