Proofvision’s Smart Bathroom TVs  

Proofvision reveals how its Smart Bathroom TVs are the perfect way to elevate new homes to greater, more luxurious heights 

ProofVision provides a luxury bathroom element with its innovative, waterproof, smart bathroom televisions that are ideal for installing in new-build projects. From starter homes to luxury properties, ProofVision offers a range of screen sizes and finishes to ensure there’s a bathroom TV to complement the assortment of homes in your portfolio.  

Spa-style bathrooms are in demand as consumers aspire to relax and unwind in their bathrooms. Offer homeowners the ultimate entertainment experience with a ProofVision smart bathroom television that boasts a crystal-clear 1080p HD display and high-quality sound thanks to the built-in vibration speakers. Combining a sleek and modern design with a range of advanced features to enhance viewing, the IP65 rated waterproof TVs1 are designed for use in high-moisture environments and can withstand humidity, meaning users don’t need to worry about steam or splashing water. 

In addition to built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, full HD TV tuner and Freeview HD, the award-winning ProofVision models benefit from WebOS-powered Smart TV functionality. This offers user-friendly access to countless apps, including Netflix, Apple TV+, Disney+ and Amazon Prime, as well as constant updates for a seamless and easy-to-control viewing experience.  

Available in a range of screen sizes, from 19 to 43 inches, and three finishes (black, white and mirrored), the ProofVision bathroom televisions also benefit from a heated screen to minimise misting and condensation. What’s more, the mirrored version will blend and integrate completely into any bathroom, as when it is not being used it reverts to a bathroom mirror, making the technology near invisible. A recess is required to embed the television, however this ensures a seamless installation and a sleek appearance overall.  

What’s more, to further enhance the bathrooms in your portfolio, ProofVision offers a range of stylish, in-wall, electric toothbrush chargers. The ProofVision TBCharge in-wall electric toothbrush chargers2 offer consumers the convenience of no longer having to hunt for a traditional charger and a place to charge, while helping users to maintain good oral hygiene habits, as their toothbrush is always charged and ready to use. The range boasts three models, a single charger (PV10P), a dual charger (PV11P) that is perfect for couples and families, and a single charger with shaver socket (PV12P), beneficial for those with an electric toothbrush and shaver. All three models are available as standard with a white faceplate, however, to complement a wide variety of bathroom colour schemes and personal preferences, additional faceplate finishes include polished steel, brushed steel or matt black. The PV11P and PV12P models can also be customised with the brand-new brushed brass faceplate.  

Contact ProofVision to upgrade the bathrooms in your portfolio of homes via or visit the website:  

1 The IP rating designates the suitability for use in a bathroom. IP65 and IP67 ratings indicate both the TV and the ultra-slim, splash-proof remote control are waterproof. ProofVision’s bathroom TVs are suitable for Zones 1 and 2. Zone 1 is the area above the bath to a height of 2.25 m from the floor. Zone 2 is an area stretching 0.6 m outside the perimeter of the bath and to a height of 2.25 m from the floor. The ultra-slim, splash-proof remote control is IP67 rated and therefore can be used in the shower. 

2 ProofVision chargers can charge Braun Oral-B electric toothbrushes that work with the Oral-B Advance Power charger (model 3757). This includes the iO3, 4, 5, and 6 series. However, they are not compatible with iO7, iO8, iO9 and iO10 models or Pulsonic series. 

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