Reginox – Rethinking the sink

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Reginox identifies the key kitchen themes that have emerged from the pandemic and explores how their products tackle these new challenges and consumer needs 

In March 2020, the UK entered a national lockdown and within weeks nearly half of the working population were working from home. Virtually overnight, this meant that people’s homes became a multifunctional space. No longer their home for rest, relaxation and family time, but a workplace, classroom and in some cases, even a gym! 

At the same time, people were no longer able to travel on luxury holidays and dine at their favourite restaurants. As trips out to local restaurants were no longer an option, attention turned to the humble home and many people discovered a newfound love for cooking or in some cases, undertook a new hobby to find their inner chef, resulting in them spending more time in their kitchen. 

So, with all these new focuses and ultimately an ever-increasing amount of time being spent at home, attentions were turning to home improvements.   

Industry research revealed that there was a 24% year on year increase in kitchen renovations in the last 12 months, with many citing the potential increase in the value of their property being the main factor for completing the work. According to the research, a new kitchen can increase the value of a property by anything between £6K-£10K. 

So, what did this mean for the kitchen industry? 

Kitchens have always been considered as the heart of the home and the focus point of every house, but in the new climate – the kitchen has come under an increasing spotlight as people welcomed their colleagues into their home and for parents, they welcomed children’s classmates and teachers in via the likes of Zoom and MS Teams video calls. So, with this unexpected extended invite into people’s homes – attention quickly turned to transforming the space and making it look its best.  

Investment piece 

Investing in a kitchen not only adds value to your house when considering selling it, but will no doubt increase the value of the room to your everyday life due to the amount of time you will spend appreciating and benefiting from the modifications completed.  

When considering changes within a kitchen – people need a clear plan of what they are wanting to achieve as this will dictate some key purchases for example the ‘white goods’, fixtures and fittings including the sinks and taps. 

One of the biggest pressures people are facing is space – so any space saving kitchen essentials are likely to be welcomed. Reginox has seen an increasing trend for products that support a more ‘space efficient’ way of living and as a result has extended a number of its sink and tap ranges to reflect this demand.   

Starting at the sink – Reginox has a comprehensive range of sinks which come in all shapes and sizes and will fit any kitchen style. Reginox manufactures more than 750,000 sink units each year and exports all over the globe. Reginox’s sink collection encompasses stainless steel, ceramic and granite products, all of which are manufactured to the highest quality.  Its sink designs are among some of the most dynamic available and perfectly combine functionality, usability and style with value for money.  

In terms of taps, Reginox has a range of more than 150 taps to choose from and is guaranteed to inspire and fulfil all customers’ needs. 

Leading the revolution 

One of the biggest and most exciting innovations coming in for 2021/22 is the introduction of the 4-in-1 tap. This is a tap that dispenses instant filtered boiling, cold, hot and filtered drinking water all with a simple touch. 

Reginox is set to launch its offering of the 4-in-1 tap – the Aquadzi – in Winter 2021. The Aquadzi will be a stylish and convenient addition to any versatile kitchen. The mixer lever can be pulled forward or back for hot and cold water while a one tap sensor releases filtered water and a touch and hold frees the boiling water. With the Aquadzi there is also environmental benefits because consumers no longer need to buy bottled filtered drinking water as it is available by the touch of the tap in their home, therefore it reduces the need to buy bottled water which in turn reduces the need of plastic bottles. It’s available in chrome and can be installed vertically in space saving kitchen units, which as previously mentioned is key for so many homes. 

Obviously, the concept of getting hot water in an instant isn’t new. Hot water taps have been a popular addition to the kitchen for a number of years now. In fact, over the last 12 months alone, sales of hot taps have quadrupled for Reginox. 

Make a statement 

You can’t have a kitchen without a tap and its certainly the most used appliance in any kitchen so why not turn it into its own ‘feature’. Brass is hugely popular at the moment due to the ‘industrial-style’ trend being en-vogue and being so matched with other kitchen design elements including door handles, cupboard doorknobs and even kitchen sinks themselves.  

The Tribezi is the latest addition to Reginox’s hot water tap range and is the perfect accessory to any sink. This stand-out brass hot water tap not only operates on 5 volts instead of the standard 12 volts, but it also has a unique ceramic thermos rod which means the water heats up quicker and stays hotter for longer. On standby, it typically uses 1-watt vs the standard 6 watts which makes it highly energy and cost efficient. Designed with a concealed water element meaning it doesn’t come in to contact water, therefore a significant reduction in limescale. It also has a vented tank which reduces the ‘spitting’ when water leaves the tap. With seven pre-sets to choose from, boiling water is available on demand therefore saving both space and money. The Tribezi has an advanced NSF International and WRAS approved filter system which means cleaner, better tasting water is available for all drinking needs. It also has an in-built child safety lock making it an ideal choice for any family kitchen. 

The Covid effect 

One of the main impacts of Covid-19 has been the awareness of touch – spreading germs – and the need to keep surfaces clean. Surfaces cluttered with accessories and equipment is simply an invitation for visitors to touch them, pick them up and potentially spread germs. By removing as much as possible from workspaces – it removes the chance of germs being passed around – and enables the more thorough cleaning of surfaces to take place.  

One example of tackling this is the introduction of a 4-in-1 tap which removes the need for a kettle and water filter jug straight away! 

Similarly, another area that has seen significant change in is the material choice for kitchen equipment and accessories.  

Material choice in kitchen appliances is becoming increasingly important due to their cleaning qualities. Copper and brass are anti-microbial so are extremely hygienic so, it’s no surprise that Reginox has seen a significant increase in demand for its products available in these materials including the Tribezi and Aurora taps.  

The future 

So, what lies ahead for kitchens? Kitchens are going to continue to become more versatile spaces, with people opting to use their kitchen as combined dining, school, work and relaxation space.  

Bold colours are certainly seemingly going to make a comeback with reports revealing an increase in striking reds and greens already in demand.  

2022 is set to continue with the demand for minimalism and space saving both visually and functionally. Minimal furniture and household appliances seem to be the way forward so the likes of the 4-in-1 tap look set to see continued strong growth.  

Traditional ‘English’ styling is set to see a resurgence so classic ceramics and fixtures are likely to be popular.  

Reginox has a wide variety of styles available across each of its ranges, as well as being available in huge selection of different materials and finishes. For more information on Reginox contact the company on tel: 01260 280033 or email  Alternatively visit their website. 


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