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Stephen Johnson, Managing Director at Quooker UK & Ireland details how Quooker is enhancing daily kitchen efficiency and sustainability  

Quooker leads the way when it comes to innovative technology and design. Founded in the Netherlands in 1970 by Henri Peteri, Quooker was launched in the UK in 2014 by Stephen Johnson. Since then, the innovative concept of a boiling water tap has grown into a kitchen essential for hundreds of thousands of homes in the UK & Ireland, not to mention millions worldwide.   

The primary reason for this is convenience. We live in a world where people want things delivered at speed. As a generation, we are inherently less patient than we used to be, increasingly unwilling to wait or compromise. On average, we spend four months of our lives waiting for the kettle to boil. Not so with a boiling water tap, which delivers the exact amount of boiling water needed instantly.  Here, we look at why boiling water taps are revolutionising the kitchen.  

Championing sustainability: save time, money and the planet with Quooker  

Quooker taps have been designed to be incredibly energy efficient. Thanks to its state-of-the-art, patented high-vacuum insulated tank technology that prevents heat from escaping, all Quooker taps use minimal energy to keep the water in the tank at 110°C. Unlike an energy-guzzling kettle that uses 2,200 watts to boil 1.7 litres of water, a Quooker only uses 10 watts per day to keep water ready to use. Stored as steam, water only starts to boil when the tap is turned on and the temperature of the outflowing water drops to 100°C. While the water is coming out of the tap, the tank immediately replaces the exact amount extracted ready for the next use.  This low standby power consumption has resulted in the company having the best energy rating in Europe (A-rating).  

It also saves homeowners money. The cost of running a boiling water tap is 1p per litre delivered (which equates to approximately 3p per day considering the average usage of a UK household), the cost of boiling a full kettle which typically holds 1.5L, is 2.5p per boil. The comparison is evident, not to mention the time saved by not waiting for a kettle to boil.  

Pioneering sustainable kitchen appliances, Quooker is proud to have recently launched its new COMBI+, the world’s first A-rated kitchen boiler, saving homeowners up to 4,500 litres of water annually.   

Maximising every drop of water, COMBI+ provides up to 7L of instant boiling water or limitless hot water at 60°C from a hot and cold feed. Ideal for eco-conscious homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint and save money on energy bills, the COMBI+ is one of the most energy-efficient ways of supplying hot water to the kitchen. 

Furthermore, thanks to the Quooker CUBE, taps fitted with this accessory can now dispense sparkling water at the twist of the tap. With CUBE, the immediacy of super chilled, filtered and sparkling water can be enjoyed without having to wait or waste water. Shockingly, the average UK household uses 360 single-use plastic bottles per year. Given there are over 28.2 million households in the country, that is a substantial amount of plastic being thrown away after one use. But Quooker offers a solution. With one canister of C02, CUBE yields 60 litres of carbonated water which significantly reduces the need for this single-use plastic.  

There has been a significant change in how people are drinking their water. Filtered water has become increasingly important, especially in areas of hard water, so much so that around 70% of all Quooker taps purchased are now purchased alongside a Cold-Water Filter or CUBE accessory. These products fit onto any existing Quooker model and help refine the quality of water, improving the taste and odour of water from the tap. These filters are able to process around 6,000 litres before needing to be replaced, providing a tangible solution to having to buy filtered water in a bottle. Dispensing precisely the amount of water needed at any given moment, CUBE ensures responsible and more sustainable consumption.   

Taking its environmental responsibility seriously, Quooker is proud that all of its accessories are now circular products. Its cold-water filters, Scale Control and CO2 cannisters can all be returned to Quooker’s Return and Recover department. Rather than being put into landfill, they are repaired and re-filled ready for use again. As Quooker tanks are made from stainless steel in a vacuum, they are made without defect or tension points meaning the product has a far longer lifecycle than cheaper alternatives. Homeowners can purchase with confidence that their tap will last, and keep performing, rather than contributing to electronic waste.  

The full Quooker range is also now entirely Kiwa certified. Industry-approved, the certification demonstrates its products have undergone a robust, independent evaluation by an international testing, inspection and compliance (TIC) company. 

Safety first  

A common misconception is that boiling water straight from a tap cannot be safe, however, Quooker has homeowners covered. With a range of features that help maximise safety whilst providing streamlined usability, Quooker delivers the tap that does it all.   

All Quooker taps boast sophisticated state-of-the-art, user-friendly, in-built safety mechanisms that make it virtually impossible to turn on boiling water by accident, they are ideal for families with small children or those with restricted mobility. Thanks to its patented double push and twist mechanism, boiling water is safely dispensed following a quick and deliberate motion. While in use, the user is alerted with the glow of a red-light ring around the handle base. For the Flex range, which boasts a flexible pull-out hose, a cut-off lock prevention system is in place to ensure boiling water cannot be used when the hose is in use.    

Quooker taps dispense boiling water as an aerated flow rather than a solid jet of water, meaning water feels hot but not scalding to touch, should any accidental contact occur. As the tap is properly fitted into a worksurface, away from children, unlike a kettle, there is no risk of it tipping over and dangerously scalding the user. The double-insulated casing also prevents heat from escaping, and ensures the tap is not hot to touch when in use, unlike a kettle which presents a far higher burn risk.   

These safety functions offer additional user reassurance and makes the entire Quooker range the safest on the market.    

Leading the industry: The most used kitchen appliance 

As the sector creator and only true 100-degree boiling water tap, Quooker’s patented designs continue to dominate the boiling water tap market. For the past three years, during arguably some of the toughest trading conditions this industry has ever faced, Quooker UK had some of its highest-performing years on record. Consumer demand is only going one way.  

The sector itself has grown hugely over the past decade – with other brands now competing for market share. However, Quooker continues to stand out due to its superior product and world-class service. Whilst Quooker sits at the higher bracket of the market, there is a reason for it – its tank technology, in-built safety mechanisms, guaranteed quality and durability, and unparalleled sustainability benefits all keep us best in class. 

Housebuilders looking to add considerable value to their newbuilds should look to Quooker. Boiling water taps boasting premium features and unique water modes such as sparkling, chilled and filtered water are more favourable to prospective buyers, helping differentiate and elevate their properties. Once installed, homeowners will find Quooker taps quickly become one of the most used appliances in the whole kitchen. For hot, cold and sparkling drinks, cooking and cleaning, the Quooker will be used multiple times per day, giving more efficient and effective returns in terms of energy usage and water conservation.   

With increasingly stringent sustainability and environmental regulations for UK newbuilds, what with stricter energy performance standards for construction and ambitious net zero carbon emission targets, we understand the pressure UK housebuilders are under to use products and materials that do not cost the earth. Quooker taps are designed to reduce energy consumption and water waste, as well as boasting longer product lifecycles, aligning perfectly with these wider greener goals.   

Quooker’s commitment to customer care also means housebuilders can install its taps without the hassle of having to worry about spare parts or maintenance support.   

With unparalleled functionality and intuitive and seamless water mode transitions, Quooker delivers the tap that truly does it all. To view the full Quooker range or find out more about the company, visit 

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