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Airex discusses how its low-cost energy efficiency technology gains 2-4 EPC points, offering residents great savings on their heating bills 

Imagine a low-cost, high-margin energy efficiency solution that gives a 2-4 EPC point uplift, and can be installed, within one hour.  Then imagine a virtually untapped market with a product that applies to around 70% of UK housing. Sounds interesting? Great. We’d like to introduce Airex smart air bricks. 

Airex smart ventilation control, is a like-for-like replacement for traditional air bricks that account for 15% of a home’s heat loss. The smart air bricks monitor internal and external conditions (humidity, temperature, windspeed, and weather) and allow optimal airflow when it’s needed, but closes to prevent loss of heat and draughts when possible.  

The Ofgem and BRE-approved system saves residents 12% on their heating bills, without them taking any action. As it stops pesky draughts, it deters residents from blocking them up, as often found with traditional air bricks. Blocked vents have a huge impact on the humidity levels of a property. Once Airex is installed, it monitors and reports on humidity levels which warns landlords of issues such as underheating or damp and mould before they snowball. 

With the average cost per lead being around 10%, we appreciate the value for small businesses of a product that can be combined with a deeper retrofit programme, or installed as a standalone. Our customers tell us that it’s a great combined opportunity with energy efficiency measures such as insulation, new windows or heat pumps. It can also qualify for funding through schemes such as ECO, LAD, HUG and SHDF. 

The free training to become an Airex installer is robust, but only takes 30 minutes as it’s so simple to install, and only requires basic masonry work. Some of our installers install the product in 7 or more properties per day. Once installed, the batteries last up to 5 years, and take around 2 minutes per brick to replace. 

The innovative solution was primarily developed for the retrofit market, but the technology can also be installed in new buildings as an alternative to trickle vents.  

“Balancing the thermal efficiency of insulation with the necessary ventilation to manage moisture is always a challenge. Airex is an excellent product to support this. It monitors homes, then takes action to keep homes healthy. In the future I hope to see smart air brick technology fitted as standard. In my opinion, Coordinators and Assessors should be pushing it forward as part of their best practice too”. Matt Carder, Airtight Champions. 

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