Top 3 things homebuyers are looking for in home security

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With all the options these days for home security devices, from cameras, to smart doorbells, to full house-wide security systems, it can be hard for home sellers to determine the best investments. 

So what does add value for buyers when it comes to home security? Here are the top three things they’re looking for. 

Smart devices that add convenience as well as security

According to The Mortgage Report, buyers are willing to pay a premium for smart home devices, and home security devices top the list. 

Smart cameras, doorbells, alarms, locks, and motion sensors are all some of the most-desired devices. 

When selling your home, it’s important to emphasize the added convenience, as well as security. Security cameras and camera doorbells, for instance, don’t just let you monitor who’s hanging around the exterior of your home, but also allow you to see when a package or groceries have been delivered. 

Smart, remote-controlled locks can also be incredibly convenient, allowing homeowners to let someone into the house remotely without them needing to have a key. And motion sensors, both exterior and interior, can be useful for many things in addition to security—for instance, alerting them if their pet runs out of the yard.

A homeowners insurance discount

One of the potential benefits of a home security system is that buyers may get a homeowners insurance discount by having one. 

When you’re getting ready to sell your house, it’s a good idea to look at your own homeowners insurance to see whether your carrier offers those discounts (you’ll know, of course, if you’ve gotten a discount for it yourself!). 

Often, buyers simply assume the former owner’s homeowners insurance policy when they close on the home, so that discount should stay in place. 

If you haven’t gotten a discount for your security system, it’s worthwhile to ask if they’ll offer you one. You can then convey that information to the potential buyer through your real estate agent.

Integrated, seamless user experiences

If you’re considering adding a home security system or security devices before selling, make sure you’re looking at products that offer an integrated, seamless user experience. 

According to research by the Z-Wave Alliance, the majority of home buyers will pay more for smart home features, including security devices—but the user experience of these devices is incredibly important to them. 

A security system that’s clunky, outdated, or difficult to use will almost certainly not add value to your home. Instead, look for products that can integrate with your other devices, like lights that go on when the alarm is triggered. 

In fact, smart lights on their own can also be a great security feature, as you can turn them off and on even when you’re away to make it look like someone’s home. 

Home security systems and smart security devices can be a solid investment in your home’s marketability—not to mention, give you peace of mind if your home will be sitting empty for any length of time while you’re selling. By emphasizing the added safety and convenience that these devices offer, as well as any potential monetary savings from insurance discounts, you can help your home sell faster and at a higher price. 


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