Trends in the heart of the house


What new emerging features and trends will many consumers begin to see in 2022 and why are these developments becoming so popular. 

The kitchen is commonly referred to as the heart of the house. Not only does it contain all of the vital appliances that allow for food to be prepared and cooked in a safe manner, but it is also a social space that can unite friends and family together. Cooking is also very cathartic for many people; therefore, this space can provide great mental ease. As the recent political and social climate has caused great mental distress amongst many, with a reported 1 in 4 individuals in the UK suffering from mental health, having a private space to disassociate from life’s woes is a must. This is why spaces in the home, such as the kitchen are so important, and why its continual adaptations must be noted in order to keep consumers happy. To this end, it provides people the opportunity to be creative and messy as they learn new recipes. The kitchen is seen as a status symbol for many homeowners, highlighting supposed wealth and the success of an individual. Furthermore, the kitchen industry is an integral part to the housing market as it contributes greatly to the sector’s growth and financial input because kitchens are so expensive. Kitchens are always adapting and developing as consumers desire for new looks and equipment that allows for their culinary experience to be more hygienic, easier, and sustainable. As we begin to enter a new year, it’s time to uncover what new emerging designs and features will appear in 2022 and why these trends are potentially becoming so popular.  

Vintage Kitchens: 

The pandemic has truly created a new release of nostalgic feelings amongst the masses. This nostalgia has been felt across many different sectors and industries and the housing industry is no different. Importantly, kitchen designers have picked up on a trend of more vintage styles and materials being reintroduced into the kitchen scene. There is seemingly more vintage furniture being seen in kitchens that again adds to a “lived-in home” environment. An interesting trend is also the appearance of a farmhouse aesthetic, with certain furniture like a scrubbed kitchen table and cabinets that provide a rustic and traditional look. Farmhouse kitchens are themselves a very popular style and have maintained popularity for many years because designers and home renovators find it to be an easy concept to work with, and it provides a laid back and wholesome feel. On top of this, this type of material is very cheap and can be readily found in many different locations, meaning that consumers are drawn to them in an effort to save time and money.  

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