SHEDS: More than just storage

SHEDS: More than just storage

A Garden Neccessity

High quality materials and beautiful design from top of the range manufacturer The Posh Shed Company

Hand-crafted shed manufacturer, The Posh Shed Company, was born in rural Herefordshire in 2009 as a side line to The Playhouse Company which was started by Kay and Richard Frost in 1998.

The Posh Shed Company designs and hand-builds beautiful, wooden sheds using only the highest quality products. The company began with just three designs in three sizes, and rapidly expanded to the vast portfolio of annotatively designed sheds, as well as bespoke creations, that it now offers.

The Posh Shed Company is a family run business that employs around 25 people in the office and workshop. Every Posh Shed item is hand built on site and delivered by the same people who built it.

Posh sheds

Posh Sheds come in a range of shapes and sizes from the compact Ludlow to the larger Gothic shed; there is something for everyone. Other designs include The Allotment Shed where you can grow plants on the roof; The Chelsea which has a built in log store; and The Southwold beach hut.

There is also a range designed exclusively for the National Gardens Scheme. Featuring a beautiful veranda with two overlooking windows, the Posh NGS Shed has been designed to look stunning yet remain practical for real gardeners. Five percent from each sale of a Posh NGS shed goes directly to the NGS, helping to raise money for its chosen charities.

Something different

The Posh Shed range offers great choice, versatility and style options. But some customers may have their own ideas about what would make a Posh shed even better for them. In light of this, alongside The Posh Shed Company’s range of sheds, it also offers a bespoke service allowing customers to design their own unique shed that is perfectly tailored to their requirements and garden. The design team has an abundance of experience when it comes to taking customers ideas, translating them to designs and making them a reality.

Safe storage

For many home owners, outside space is at a premium. However, limited space need not mean limited options. The Posh Shed Company has many storage options to offer the perfect solution whilst complementing every garden. These include somewhere compact to store logs, disguise wheelie bins and give an attractive home to recycling.

The patio store is a small but elegant unit for those that are short of space, whereas the outdoor cupboard is available in a single or double doored option, with an internal shelf and hook rack, it provides the perfect storage space for wellies, coats and umbrellas – among many other things. These are designed to fit against a house or garden wall without being obtrusive, the narrow dimensions create a steep roof pitch which in turn maximises the available internal space.

Posh gardening

The Posh Shed Company does not just specialise in sheds and storage solutions, it also has a range of auxiliary garden products and accessories such as garden planters. Even wildlife is catered for with beautifully designed bird boxes and the brand new bat box. There is even a timber smokehouse that allows customers to create their very own smoked fish, meat or cheese in their back gardens. You can’t shop more local than that!
More than just a shed

A shed is an extremely cost effective way of extending a home and creating a special space – and the possibilities are endless. Not only can they be home to a hobby but they can be turned into a home office, an extension of your wardrobe, or just a room with a sofa for some much needed ‘me’ time.

Garden sheds have evolved significantly in recent times. Gone are the days of them simply being cluttered spaces for storage where you fear to open the door in case the contents tumble out.

Managing Director of The Posh Shed Company comments upon this change: “More and more frequently we are finding that customers are coming to us wanting to create a shed that can extend the home living space to allow them a new area of the garden with a new purpose. For example, we’ve created home offices in sheds which is an ideal way to create the perfect work vs. home balance. Customers are increasingly seeking electricity sources and extra insulation to allow for all year round usage, as well as roof lights for a brighter feel, whilst fitting in with their garden landscape – a Posh Shed fulfils this perfectly.”

The stay-cation may have become a popular trend in recent years but The Posh Shed Company has identified a new trend – the shed-cation! Richard Frost, CEO explains: “We aren’t suggesting that people are holidaying in sheds but more and more we’re finding that people are looking for somewhere to escape to and are turning to their shed! The garden shed is rapidly becoming a safe haven to provide a break from the stresses of everyday life.” The unique benefit of the shed-cation is that it can be taken all year round! With insulation and a comforting interior, the garden shed can provide a relaxing refuge at any time of year.

Perhaps the most notable shed-trend has been the evolution of the She Shed – the female ‘Man Cave’ and an outdoor space close to the home that a woman can call her own. In the past few years The Posh Shed Company has seen an increase in the number of enquiries from women – and these women do not want a shed to store their spades! They are looking to create their own little sanctuaries, a space that is theirs to do with what they choose.

There’s no doubt that a Posh Shed will be the envy of the neighbourhood, it fits naturally into the garden whilst boasting the very best design and style, without compromising on substance! Posh Sheds are carefully thought through with the end-user and practicality in mind. These unique creations perfectly combine storage, functionality and design.

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