The most searched for bathrooms trends in 2019

The most searched for bathrooms trends in 2019

James Roberts, CEO of bathroom suppliers Sanctuary Bathrooms, has researched the most searched for bathroom features in 2019 to uncover upcoming trends that will emerge over the coming months

Whether you’re building for a customer or in your own home, keeping on top of upcoming trends when planning a new bathroom is important.

To find out which trends are resonating most with UK customers, Sanctuary Bathrooms has tracked search volume around key elements in bathroom renovations.

The data uncovered by this research gives great insight into changing opinions on bathroom décor and what trends you need to be aware of when choosing your new bathroom.

Walls and Floors

Starting with the basic building blocks of your bathroom décor, search trends indicate some changes in this area. White and other light colours have long dominated bathroom themes when it comes to our walls.

However, it seems this could be changing. The most searched for terms when it comes to walls and floors are:

Flooring:Grey, herringbone, patterned tiles – 22,370 average monthly searches

Wall:Grey bathroom tiles – 8,100 average monthly searches

Tiles are far and away the most popular choice when it comes to both elements, and with good reason. Emily McCrary-Ruiz-Esparza, Brand Editor at House Method, said of the material “Good quality tile can last a lifetime. Tile is durable and easy to clean. It can be applied in endless styles, colours and designs.”


When it comes to floors, grey remains a popular colour. It’s practical and attractive, making it a great choice. People seem to be making more of a feature of their floors at the moment, with herringbone patterns dominating search trends.


Dark colours are also increasing in popularity when it comes to wall tiles. If you’ve got enough space and light, dark colours in bathrooms can make for a feature room. For real impact with dark tiles, consider using a light colour grout.

This contrast between dark and light helps create a strong impression. If you take this route, however, bear in mind that light coloured grouts show up mildew and mould more easily than darker alternatives, so may require more upkeep.

Toilets and Sinks

It’s not just the walls and floors where people are considering darker tones. Sanitaryware in deeper colours is also seeing an upsurge in interest this year:

Sink:Black, double sink with mixer taps – 12,100 average monthly searches

Toilet:Black, back to wall, close-coupled toilet – 14,080 average monthly searches

Although potentially over-dominant when paired with dark walls and floors, black sanitaryware on white walls can be a great way to give your bathroom personality.

By choosing deep, unusual colours, you’re making a feature in your space and creating a multi-layered appearance.

Again, it’s worth considering upkeep if you are thinking of installing black sanitaryware in your home.

The dark colour means that limescale shows up more easily than on more traditional options. Bear in mind the extra cleaning duties this might result in before you buy.

Showers and Baths

Often, for convenience, people choose a combined bath and shower unit for their homes. This can be a great choice, not only as a space saver but in terms of appearance too. Despite this, search volume data suggests that people are starting to opt more for separate bath and shower enclosures. The most-searched-for terms around this subject are:

Bath:Copper, freestanding, L-shaped, roll-top tub with mixer taps – 35,640 average monthly searches

Shower: Electric, single shower enclosure – 57,200 average monthly searches

Shower Curtain:grey, extra-long shower curtain – 36,900 average monthly searches


When it comes to showers, people are sticking to quite traditional options, with search volumes being highest for single shower enclosures with electric units. According to search volume, shower curtains are still winning out against shower screens and doors. Long, grey curtains are the most searched for items in this area.


When it comes to baths, we are seeing a bit more innovation in what people are attracted to.

The most searched for bath is some way from what we’re likely to see in the average bathroom. Rather than opt for more common materials, search volume highlights that there is interest in copper tubs.

Freestanding baths are also trending at the moment. A freestanding bath can be a fantastic feature in any bathroom and you can now find this style in a range of sizes.


If you really want to create a sleek and elegant design for your home, you need to plan in space to store toiletries. The most popular search terms for storage are:

Sink cabinets:Mirrored, wooden sink cabinet – 35,700 average monthly searches

General cabinet:Tall, freestanding, white corner cabinet – 24,200 average monthly searches

There are two popular cabinets people want for bathroom storage. This first is a wooden over-sink cabinet with mirrored front. Combining the mirror and cabinet is a great way of saving space.

The second popular storage solution is a tall, freestanding cabinet. Bucking wider trends, the most popular cabinet is white, illustrating that brighter tones are still favoured in some areas.


When planning a new bathroom, it’s important to consider the little touches, as well as the major ones. The most searched for options in this area were:

Bathmat:Wooden, non-slip, grey bathmat – 8,400 average monthly searches

Toilet roll holder:Chrome, freestanding toilet roll holder – 11,000 average monthly searches

Toilet brush:Black, ceramic toilet brush – 1,440 average monthly searches

Towel Rail:Chrome, heated, double towel rail – 20,140 average monthly searches

A major trend across these items is chrome finish. Chrome is a great, durable material that can help bring a lot of additional light into a room. Dark colours are also popular.

Grey and black both feature in the most searched for bathroom accessories. These features fit well with other key 2019 trends.

Search volume trends have highlighted some major things to consider when planning a new bathroom this year. Dark coloured features are on-trend this year. Build these into your design to capture the eye.

Look towards some unusual features like a freestanding bath to really make your bathroom stand out.

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