​V-ZUG hosts successful ‘Sous-Vide’ demonstration to UK kitchen retailers​

​V-ZUG hosts successful ‘Sous-Vide’ demonstration to UK kitchen retailers​

​Using its pioneering Vacuisine© Vacuum Drawers, V-ZUG UK hosted an informative and fun ‘Sous-Vide’ demo evening to a number of its UK kitchen dealers at V-ZUG’s designated cookery school located in the prestigious Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings in Clerkenwell, East London.

The demonstration was conducted by V-ZUG’s Gourmet Academy Manager, James Smith (seen pictured), who used theV-ZUG Vacuisine© Vacuum Drawers to remove any mystique out of ‘Sous-Vide’ cooking by conjuring up a number of mouth-watering meal combinations.

“These demonstrations really are informative and enjoyable” commented Rhys Evans, V-ZUG’s Sales Director for UK and Ireland, “Every retailer that attended expressed how instructive and entertaining the event had been; one even suggested it was the best event of its kind that she’d ever been to!”

Gourmet Academy Manager, James Smith, added, “V-ZUG appliances really are perfect for anyone with a genuine interest in home cooking. The ‘Sous-Vide’ demonstrations truly highlight how versatile our appliances can be, whilst serving to educate and introduce retailers into a healthy style of cooking that they can then pass on to their customers, once they return to their showrooms.”

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