Hygienically helping build for last time buyers

Hygienically helping build for last time buyers

A new source for bathroom fixtures is enabling developers to address the growing last time buyer market cost-effectively, and add a ‘USP’…

Closomat – Britain’s leading manufacturer of bathroom assistive technology for elderly and disabled people – has developed a package that enables developers, from one source, to create a stylish cloakroom, wetroom or bathroom- that enables the occupant to execute their intimate care to high levels of cleanliness, without help now or in the future.

“Latest figures show that over 3million people aged over 55 are looking to downsize, yet only 7% actually do so! The biggest reason is lack of suitable property. Our experience in housing adaptations shows that as people’s health deteriorates, and they develop mobility and cognitive conditions, the bathroom is the most common room to be altered; changes to the toilet one of the most common alterations therein,” explains Robin Tuffley, Closomat marketing manager.

A shower toilet, such as a Closomat, looks like- and can be used as- a conventional WC, but have integrated douching and drying, which can be selected as each user wants or requires at the push of a button.

Closomat is the only wash & dry toilet supplier in the UK to manufacture in Britain. Its range covers contemporary wall-hung WCs to floor-standing automatic height adjustable variants, with its floor-mounted Palma Vita being the biggest selling toilet of its type, because of its superior performance and ability to be accessorised as user’s needs change.

“Installing assistive technology such as a Closomat at the outset can save that disruption and cost. It delivers a lifetime home, especially as our Palma Vita can be easily accessorised to accommodate growing frailty. And shower toilets are becoming more known about, and are perceived as an aspirational fixture. These features combine to give developers a great USP for their properties, to help sell to this already big, and growing, market sector.”

Closomat’s range of shower toilets is complimented by a contemporary range of fixed and height adjustable shower seats, and washbasins, plus hoists, and support systems, grab rails. Uniquely in its sector, it is the only company that also has an in-house design advice, supply, install, commissioning, ensuring efficient execution of the project.

Additionally, its website www.clos-o-mat.com, features a raft of technical information, including CAD blocks, NBS specifications, white papers, all available for download.

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