85% of people planning home improvements

85% of people planning home improvements

Lockdown has seen a surge in the UK public planning home improvement projects, with research from MyGlazing.com, the Glass & Glazing Federation (GGF) consumer advice website, finding that 85% of UK homeowners will be scheduling work on their properties in the near future. The most popular planned renovations are:

  • Changes to improve the aesthetics of a home (36%)
  • Extensions or work to create more space in a property (19%)
  • Work to increase the value of the property (16%)
  • Improvements to prepare the home for Winter (15%)
  • An energy efficient home improvement (14%)
  • An outdoor improvement – such as installing a new conservatory, orangery or garden house (12.54%)
  • Changes to the home to accommodate working from home more in future (12%)
  • An improvement that will increase the amount of natural light in the home (12%)

Despite UK homeowners looking to schedule work on their properties, many are still nervous about letting tradespeople into the home, with one in five homeowners still feeling nervous about doing so. As a result, MyGlazing.com has created guidance on how consumers can safely allow tradespeople in the home following COVID-19.

James Lee, Director of Marketing at MyGlazing.com commented: “For three months, the British public have been spending large amounts of time in their homes and inevitably have created a list of improvements they want to make to their properties.

“It’s encouraging to see that the vast majority of people are still looking to invest in their homes for the long term. However, it’s crucial to note that the safety of the UK public and tradespeople is paramount – therefore we’d encourage anyone looking to hire a professional to make sure they do their research to protect not only themselves, but anyone they choose to hire.

“Homeowners can check out the new Stay Safe section on our website for top tips and advice on staying safe while improving the home during the current pandemic. From advice on safely admitting tradespeople into the home, planning tips for a socially distanced renovation, and the best home improvements to carry out in the current climate, the hub is ideal for anyone wanting advice and information to make improvements to their home safely during this time.”

Visit Stay Safe with MyGlazing.com for access to the latest advice: https://www.myglazing.com/stay-safe/


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