A holiday mood at home with Kaldewei bathroom solutions

A holiday mood at home with Kaldewei bathroom solutions

As the manufacturer of premium bathrooms made of 100% natural Kaldewei steel enamel, Kaldewei shows how you can satisfy your craving for a holiday or a relaxing break – at home in your own bathroom.

Kaldewei shows fit-out ideas for the bathroom so you can a, carefree sense of holiday, sun and rest into your home.

The lush green of the rainforest, the turquoise Mediterranean or the dazzling blue sky with white fluffy clouds on a Tyrolean mountain are all sensual impressions of holidays which stay with us all our lives, providing the indescribable feeling of untrammelled freedom, relaxation and contentment.

There is no better place than the bathroom to think upon these moments, snatch back that elation and free ourselves temporarily from the many constraints we face in daily life. With the right design, you can switch off from everyday life here and enjoy a real holiday feel in your own home.

Immerse yourself in a virtual rainforest with maximum comfort for showering, bathing and freshening up at the washbasin.

Natural materials for the flooring, bathroom furniture and accessories such as wood, velvet or silk go perfectly with the sustainable bathroom solutions from the Kaldewei Emerso line and the Nexsys channel showers, creating a harmonious effect in green, white and brown.

Aside from tingling rain showers, natural decorations on the walls and plants in the bathroom all combine to create the impression of a natural paradise.

This impression is reinforced through the use of steel and glass – fused together into unique Kaldewei steel enamel – whose elements also come from nature.

Creating a wellbeing space that feels like the rainforest when combined with accessories such as comfortable chairs and cushions, can be made into the perfect space for quiet and rest at home.

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