Art Division offers digital marketing training for the property sector

Art Division offers digital marketing training for the property sector

Property marketing company, Art Division, is launching the Lonely Marketer, a series of foundational digital marketing training courses for business owners and their employees in the property sector who want to take control of their marketing in-house. A community-focused membership product, the purpose of Lonely Marketer is to enable business owners to learn new methods of digital marketing and plan and strategize future campaigns for business growth.

“Many small businesses in the property sector rely on an in-house marketing team of one, or worse, on the company owner or director to strategize, plan and coordinate the marketing activities,” said Art Division Founder and MD, Nelly Berova. “In many cases, in-house marketers have limited knowledge of what works. They have no one to brainstorm ideas with, no one to ask for help, yet are expected to bring in leads. The Lonely Marketer can turn a confused, stressed and demotivated in-house marketer into a motivated, knowledgeable and motivated staff member who can contribute to the company’s success.”

Access to the Lonely Marketer can help business owners with the onboarding of a new marketing coordinator, executive or manager, and provide the “perk” that keeps those marketers part of the team in the long term. For a monthly fee, every Lonely Marketer member will have access to a community of like-minded professionals.

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