British Ceramic Tile drives future growth with investment in its Devon-based factory

British Ceramic Tile drives future growth with investment in its Devon-based factory

The UK’s leading ceramic and glass tile manufacturer, British Ceramic Tile, is planning for future growth with substantial investment in its Devon-based factory.

The company, which has three sites in Devon, London and West Yorkshire, is driving forward its strategic plan through increasing production capacity and streamlining process within its manufacturing division.

Part of an ambitious five step blueprint, the business has invested over £1.5million in the factory in 2017 with a further plans in place for 2018.

A major focus for the company is developing its best selling HD collection, which continues to prosper across all market sectors. The demand for large format HD ranges is such that the company has purchased its fourth inkjet printing machine.

A dual line high definition printer, the new XD printer provides greater flexibility enabling two lines with two different size formats to run simultaneously, increasing production and delivering faster turnaround times.

The business has also scaled up its workforce with the factory operating 24:7 across all kilns to increase output, and has invested significantly in two new sort and pack lines to allow for more volume through the factory and the same high quality branded packaging. Further plans for development in line with demand have been outlined for 2018, which will again expand capacity within the factory and ensure orders are fulfilled with increased efficiency.

One of the first companies to brand its collection of tiles printed with high definition inkjet technology, British Ceramic Tile has focused on driving consumer awareness, financing high profile marketing campaigns that highlight the benefits of HD tiles. From packaging through to in store POS and advertising, the company’s commitment to educating customers about the possibilities with HD tiles continues.

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