Case Study: Secure and convenient residential living

Hicking Building RTM Company Ltd has teamed up with Videx Security and Joes UK Limited to solve a major door entry issue for a large residential complex. The Hicking Building is a Nottingham-based development comprising 329 self-contained flats managed by property agents Walton and Allen.

Many residents were struggling with a call issue because the existing intercom system developed a fault which meant residents weren’t receiving calls from the system panels. Because of this, tenants were missing visitors and deliveries with people thinking they weren’t home.

Installer Joes UK was tasked with finding a suitable intercom system that would also work in conjunction with the existing access control system, where the fob entry element of this was working normally.

Joe, who owns and manages Joes UK, said: “The system installed is a very old system and we were struggling to source the repair parts needed to fix the calling issue tenants were experiencing.

“To fix the problem and reduce the risk of the issue happening again, I recommended the installation of a digital audio GSM 4812 intercom system by Videx, that could work concurrently with the fob entry function of the existing solution.

“With the Videx GSM 4812, when someone calls a specific apartment the call is automatically directed to a registered phone number of the tenant’s which is usually their smartphone.

“They now will never miss that important visitor or delivery and are made aware of who has visited even when they are not there and can authorise entry if they wish, while away from their home.”

The Videx system works alongside the existing software-based fob entry solution that residents have used for many years. Mobile phones are now the handset of choice for the majority of people and as they are enabled with Wi-Fi calling, there’s no need to worry about poor mobile signal. If the existing fob system also developed a fault and stopped working, the Videx GSM system includes a preinstalled fob reader so it would be easy to switch this over to the GSM solution.

Mark Gibbon, Sales Manager at Videx, said: “The GSM system is the ultimate entry system of convenience that also provides maximum security too. There’s no infrastructure or wiring involved; it’s very easy to set up and use.

“It’s a win-win situation for both the resident and management company because it means residents won’t have to stay home waiting for a delivery, or miss a visitor, as they can answer the call to their apartment from anywhere in the world.

“For management companies, our GSM solution offers a fixed cost and minimises the risk of call outs because there’s no handset maintenance involved.”

A really useful feature of the GSM system is that it also carries a new remote event log that can be accessed online, allowing events to be viewed in real time, on the move via a phone, tablet/laptop. It’s a great security feature because it’s where a record is kept of calls, gate/door openings and much more. What’s also useful is that alerts can be programmed where an email will be sent should that alert be triggered. For example, if the gate or door is opened out of normal hours or if the registered number for a flat or property is changed too frequently – any unusual activity is flagged.



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